Thursday, October 23, 2014

Days of Halloween: Aaah! Real Monsters

I should start out by saying: 
I have a problem.  
I kid you not, for the last six days, all John has heard about is CHRISTMAS!  It is hatching earlier and earlier each year, I tell ya!  I'm crazy. Like, John will be over there sleeping like a normal person while "Buddy the Elf" over here is smiling ear to ear planning gingerbread villages and paper snow storms. As I said- I have some fah' real issues.
I knew I needed to hold my horses, because heaven knows I would just hate myself for any missed opportunities with Halloween, as it is also a favorite holiday (along 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter, Columbus Day...OK, maybe not Columbus Day, but you get the idea....) I know, I know, I over analyze my holidays. I also over analyze texts and road rage, it is what is.
But back to my holiday obsession...
I was up at 2:00 AM fretting over how I was going to make this October the BEST MONTH EVER (sorry about the all caps on that one, I just needed to assure you knew how serious I am about this.)
Did I mention I have been having trouble sleeping lately? It's a little creepy, weird, freakish, peculiar. After I wake up with William, I just can't fall back asleep- so I stay awake. All night. Like a Vampire.
I do my best thinking and my worst thinking in those forsaken hours.
Last week, I sewed these really wannabe-cute spider decorations and wrote a paper and deep cleaned my kitchen.  On Monday I woke up and did every piece of homework for the entire week, like every thing. Yesterday. early morning, I was up thinking- well, we already covered this: how I was going to make this October the BEST MONTH EVER!
My mind was reeling, scrolling through mental pinterest as I stared at my ceiling. I knew I needed to get up and write it all down. So I did. And BOY am I glad because frankly, it was all a blur by 9:00 am today.
The idea: I thought it would be fun to have six or so Halloween-themed days before Halloween, we'll eat themed food, make themed crafts, do themed get the idea. You know, just something super cheesy and slightly tacky, or in other words: something totally up my alley.  I figured I would document it on here for the sake of, I don't know- documenting it.
The strange things this blog has witnessed.
If you have read previous similar posts of mine, you would know I do a spotty job at best. Let's face it, if I had a craft blog, it would be called- "Eh, That's Good Enough." or maybe, 
"Just Blur Your Eyes, and I Swear, It Will Look Better." 
Because seriously, that is how I craft, party plan, and etc, people. 
I just don't want you getting your hopes up or anything. :)
I for one, am happy with how it is turning out, my kids are also having a lot of fun- which is really my main goal (yah know, besides distracting myself from Christmas...CHRISTMAS)
Halloween is just so much fun.
Our first day was....(drum roll) (in case you missed the title in large font and bold print)...MONSTERS!
In "monsters", I also included Frankenstein, because he is just awesome.
For breakfast, we had an oatmeal monster...if you aren't "getting it"...just blur your eyes and work with me here. (Three eyes, a green pretzel uni-brow, a crooked see it?) This is Caity trying to act scared to eat it.

I cut interesting shapes from paper towels and had the kids color them with washable markers. Then, we sprayed them with a water bottle to blur the colors together, so it looked a little tye-dye-ish.  When they dried we glued on some eye-balls, legs, and arms so they looked like monsters! This was fun because we were able to test out how colors mixed together. It was entertaining, easy and cheap- I would recommend it.

Next, I cut out shapes and put them in separate piles.  The kids had to follow my directions and find the right shapes and put them in the right places- so it was good listening and shape practice. The end result was a Frankenstein. (I love that Johnny's tongue is sticking out in this picture.)

I think they turned out so cute!
But I could be biased. (Eeek! Don't eat me!) (No, not you...him!) (Johnny.)

I didn't catch the other parts of their lunch, but here is their "Monster Sandwich"  I thought these were a riot! 

A part of the lunch-monsters had oreos in it.  I suppose William got his hands on one of them because I spied this little face peeping over my bed a few minutes later:
My little cookie monster!

He is lucky he is so cute! 

After lunch, we took Caity to school. It was "Turn Your Back on Drugs" day, so she had to wear her shirt backwards. She thought it was hilarious.  Johnny of course also had to turn his shirt backwards as well.  Unfortunately for me, Johnny was not joining a school of students with the same idea....he was going on errands with his mom.  So there we were, at Walmart- William, crying, with snot steadily taking over his face, and Johnny wearing shorts, snow boots, monster socks and his shirt backwards...did I mention Johnny thought it would be funny to say "Ew." to everyone we saw? Yeah- it was one of those mighty fine parent moments.
We got home from Wally World and I marched those boys to bed. Johnny snuck out to build me a tower from exclusively red blocks.  I thought it was too cute to scold him about napping. No wonder he thinks he can get away with everything. That boy.

We picked Caity up from school, then walked to DeMeyer Park and played for a bit. Johnny made friends with some boys and they played hard, "one-upping" each other. We walked home, crunching through leaves and complaining about how tired our legs were.  The canal was empty so the kids adventured in the "river bed" along the path parallel to me. It was a fun autumn walk, despite the crazy little dogs nipping at our ankles.
When we got home- John was there- yay! I like him.

The kids ate their after school snack (get it? more monsters??) and watched the show, Aaaaah! Real Monsters. (get it? a monster show? on MONSTER DAY? Gosh, I am awesome. :) )
It was a good day, but boy, am I exhausted. 
And if that wasn't the longest blog post ever.
I need sleep.


Ellen said...

Whoa! That's is one MONSTERY day! Looks like you had lots of fun with your kids. I love the way you write and loved what the title of your blog would be if it were a craft blog. You sure are a fun lady! Life is good :)

Whitney said...

Love it love it love it! You are much more creative than you give yourself credit for! :)

Brit said...

seriously, these kids are spoiled sweet with all this Halloween spooky cheer! How fun!! I loved all the food idea, you are sooo creative! also, you have perfect skin (:

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