Friday, October 24, 2014

Days of Halloween: Ghost in the Graveyard

I don't know what it is about ghosts, but I think they are fun.  May I clarify that by ghosts, I do not mean the kind that haunt houses and/or possess people.  I mean the ceramic ones you see in knick-knack aisles of thrift stores smiling all cute with a spot for a tea candle, or those cute ones that blow in the wind on a festive front porch. You know, the happy ghosts!

When I was a little girl, my mom had these huge ghost cut outs she made out of butcher paper that she put in the windows of our house.  I loved those things. They would be waving and smiling, and they were a welcoming sight coming home from the school bus. The "girl ghost" in my room had a big bow on her head and she was my absolute favorite. I decided at a young age that when I died, I would definitely have a bow on my bald, white, ghostly head.

But that was then. This is now. Ghost day. What an awesome day. 
Saturday night, we were "boo"ed (door bell ditched.) The kids found a basket full of ghost things, including these little ghost lanterns.  They are really quite cute.  Since the mornings are still dark, the kids tip toe in our room holding their little lanterns. It only makes the morning slightly more, I half expect Caity to whisper, "I see dead people." When it isn't creepy and startling, it's pretty cute. 
Then William crawls on our bed under the pretense that he will cuddle. Fools us every time. He just wants to play, scratch out our eyes, and squawk at us.

He thinks the lanterns are so magical, he looks so sweet looking at them.

Then there was Johnny. 
.Yep- 'cause that's normal.  That hulk mask has been the props of many pranks around here the last few days! I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Despite, being the wrong side of it, I rolled out of my bed. (You ever had those mornings?)
I headed to the kitchen to make our spooky ghost breakfast!
OK- so the egg was a bit of a stretch...but I think it is still cool!
To drink, the kids had white chocolate hot cocoa- which, may I add, is my addiction this season. So, very yummy.  The kids also decided the grapes were ghost poop. They made sure to tell the ladies visiting from church that they don't like to eat ghost poop.  I didn't know quite what to do when they looked my way- so I just sat there actin' classy and stuff and shrugged.

After breakfast, I had the kids clean their rooms (which "totally wasn't fair" and made today "the worst day ever") while I cleaned the rest of the house. 
Clean house = sane mamma = children living to see another day.

Meanwhile, my decoration snatcher was at it again!
Oh William.
So much for a baby proof house. 
Every single, hour, I am picking pumpkins off my floor. Oh, Master William- what I allow you to do because your cheeks are so squish-able.

For our first GHOST craft, we made these streamer hanging ghost things.  Johnny is trying to scare Caity in this picture, she is saying "Johnny- I know it is not a real ghost." She is so smart.

They were pretty easy, and a lot of fun.

They also look cool hanging up...well, at least we thought so!  What do you mean having paper plates hanging from your ceiling is tacky? You're tacky. (Unless I don't know you, then, sorry, I'm sure you're not tacky.)

Next, we pulled out some paint and paper and hit the kitchen floor for some good 'ole art in our underwear. Well, their underwear, I foresaw some clothing damage and this was the easiest solution.
It was my favorite part of the day!  We had so much fun!

For this craft, we painted our toesies white and stepped on a black piece of paper, so they resembled ghosts...(see finished picture below.) I made the kids do this twice, so I could have one to make slightly more polished than theirs.  A couple things about this project: The kids loved, LOVED having their feet painted.  I couldn't believe how BIG Caity's feet were, she's a size 12, you know! I'm going to end that one there before we go on a sappy tangent. And lastly, William's foot fetish made painting his foot the most fun, you'd think I was bribing him with gummi bears, he was so excited.
My finished product. The kids' are hanging in their room. This picture is hanging on our coat closet, and it makes me happy.

When the foot stamping was finished, We got down to business and painted.  After a few taste tests, Wills figured out the whole process and painted the cutest masterpiece- my baby. the prodigy or something.  I would really recommend painting with toddlers to anyone- it was a blast.  I was surprised at how quickly this kid caught on. If only he didn't steal the other kids' paint brushes...really though, not as big of a mess as I thought. Granted I was chasing the kids down with a wet rag...:) 

After we dropped Miss Caity off, we headed home for (Alleluia!) nap time.
 I went to go find Johnny in Caity's room, he wasn't there. I looked in my room and this is how I found him softly snoring. He kind of looks like a GHOST, huh? What a teeny little body! I hope he stays three forever.

It rained on our walk to pick up Caity. Oh, I love the rain. 
We were going to play Ghost in the Graveyard when we got home, but William kept stealing the white fuzzie blanket from the "it" person. 
For after school snack, we had string cheese, chocolate covered nutterbutters, pears and milk.  Ghosts are easy because all you have to do is add eyes, then BAM! It's a Ghost.
We watched Casper until Dad got home, then had dinner.

This was my view of the kitchen. I am sad you don't see Johnny's face, but gosh, I love watching them all sitting together- eating among the craft supplies, Caity singing, Johnny sneaking bites before prayer, John sneaking a text in, William eating tape... I like these people.

I love how excited William gets to eat food. You know, before he spits it out and throws it on the floor. And no, he is not a red head, though it kind of looks like it!

John is at a meeting for Moot Court now, so I am manning the fort with these little monsters!

What a bootiful day. 

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Brit said...

oh my gosh mary. you seriously are the best mom EVER when it comes to holidays! (sorry mom (:) You sure go all out and make it so much fun! I love all the little fun things yall did. when I grow up and have kids i'm going to have to use your ideas! you always make being a mom look like tons of fun!

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