Monday, October 27, 2014

Days of Halloween: The Witches Fly at Midnight

I knew if I did a ghost day and a monster day, Caity would be expecting a WITCH day.
She loves witches. She was a witch for Halloween a couple years ago. 
Such a cute witch, I can't believe they used to be so little.

I had to get a little creative for breakfast.
I think the table turned out fun. I love how the cauldrons looked with the pudding, oreoes and worms. Also, have you ever had apple cider with marshmellows?  It is pretty tasty!

If you are wondering what that purple-grayish stuff is....eggs. Ew, right? You don't have to tell me I took it too far, this I know. Yuck, it makes me gag looking at them! I was desperate, people. Caity and Johnny were initially really excited, then they were like, "Um, those are eggs? That isn't right, mom." Eh, Ketchup fixes everything. 

Johnny was concerned about the eggs. "Why would you do that? Why would you make it gross, Mudder?"

But he was happy I added ketchup. I know, this picture is basically the same as the one above, just choose one to look at, while I indulge in both of them. :)
She always gives the reaction I am looking for. She thought the witch hat cotton candy was the best thing ever.  She also said, "Even though its a little disgustin, I think the witch hair WAS a good idea." She understands the struggling artist within me.

Random tangent....
Yesterday, Caity and I got to go babysit our friend's baby while they went to BYU vs Boise State foot ball game. It was an awesome girls night.  We ate Kid Cuisine, colored, read BFG, played My Little Pony, ate ice-cream, watched Flubber, and just acted silly. She kept saying, "I just don't know how I am going to thank you!"  It was fun to have some one on one time with her- we don't get that very often with these boys crawling all over us. I promised her our pictures would go on the blog, haha. So if you didn't get enough awkward close ups of my face in the Monster's some more:

This is for Caity's sake someday down the line.
ANYWAY, back to Witch Day!

Snack time was witch hats, broomsticks, and scary witch's cat- that actually looks like a fluffy bunny blob. Seriously, whoever designed that cutter needs further training.

For activities we made potion (think vinegar and baking soda: yeah, it was cool.)
We did a witch hat ring toss, which was a lot of fun!  Caity asked what they got if they got the ring on the hat, I said, "Lots of cheers."  This was the best part, they just kept laughing and cheering and laughing and I loved that.

I pulled out all the stops for today's witch craft. Coloring pages. Ha! That is the best I could come up with.  Good news: they are only three and six, so they were thrilled. Love this age.

For dinner we are having soup in bread bowls- get it? Like witch's potion in a cauldron? OK, maybe a stretch- but I'm sure you get the idea. 
Anyway, another successful Day of Halloween in my book. 
William gets really bent out of shape waiting for his milk to warm up! 

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Ellen said...

Oh those eggs! Ha! I love what Caity said to you. Very fun idea--you are just a fun gal! Life is Good :)

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