Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Husband, Their Dad.

Tonight, John took the kids on a bike ride while I finished my paper for school.
He is an awesome dad. 
I know that he is stressed at work, yet he comes home a tornado of energy and within seconds everyone is smiling.  And if they aren't smiling, it is because they are squealing as he flips them upside down or around or on top of each other.  Today he surprised us and came in through the back door. The kids saw him first and you would have though Elvis entered the building.  A stampede of dirty children haphazardly zoomed past me shouting, "DAD! DAD! DAD!" Well, William didn't shout- he just squealed and flapped his arms up and down. 
I just like that John of mine.
While I was finishing a paper, John took the kids on a bike ride to Caity's school.
I love looking through pictures of their adventures in my absence.
John said Will was imitating everything the older kids were doing. Even for hopscotch, he was doing the "baby bounce," squatting up and down.

They all came home out of breath and full of light.  I am so grateful when John does stuff like this with them. I grateful for him in ways a blogpost just doesn't do justice.

In other news: Master William cuddled with me today, for twenty minutes! That is a total record. Best moment of my day.  I also overhauled Caity's room and really organized it, so that is a huge relief. (I know, weird- but it's true, that room was a thorn in my side!) John got a chest freezer for free on Craigslist and fixed it and now it is fully functioning! He's awesome. Now, if only we could snag an elk to fill up said freezer.  And so he doesn't feel left out: Johnny yelled about a million compliments to Caity as she walked from our van to the playgroud this afternoon. "Caity! You're PRETTY! Caity! You're SPECIAL! I like YOUR HAIR! You make good forts! Really, you really DO! Remember you're cool and I LIKE YOU CAITY! BYE! I'M GOING TO ASK MOM IF I CAN WATCH JAKE TODAY! I love you."
She was positively glowing by the time she turned the corner. 

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