Thursday, October 9, 2014

Puppet Show

I am notorious for arriving just in time for crafts at our library story time. The librarian sees that we aren't there and still makes extra copies. Gosh, I got to get my act together! 
The librarian who does the kids' story times is well, an interesting fellow.  Nice as all get out though, and he makes my kids laugh and love reading so he meets my requirements. :)
After we finished piling apples on our dog's head (the craft), the kids beelined it for the puppet theatre.
They love this thing.
William gets busy spreading germs as he kisses each and every puppet, Johnny grabs the dinosaur and terrorizes the other puppets. Cate finds the two prettiest puppets and forces them into marriage. 
They have a grand time.
Last time, William just played peek a boo with me.  He would come outside the theater corner, startle, laugh and go back in- then come out and do it again!

I love seeing their little heads pop up:

"Oh! You may now kiss the bride! Smooch Smooch!"
Johnny "Oh, Caity- that is gross."

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