Friday, October 10, 2014

Rock Balancing

Caity hasn't had school for the past couple days because of parent/teacher conferences.  It has been so much fun having her around.
The kids decided that today was going to be "running day!" So everything they do has to involve running somehow.
They have run up and down the hall fast, silly, then scary.
They played legos but had to run in a circle before they stacked another block.
I made ghost pancakes for breakfast and they ran around the table between each bite. (What do you mean, choking hazard?)
All the while, William has taken the tail, wobbling after them. He can't pivot a 180 yet, so when they turn around, he has wobble in a full in a full circle before he can commence down the hall.
I cut up some fruit for William this morning and as the kids ran around the table, he would throw his breakfast at them. Stinker.

Yesterday, we got to go to my cousin, Nick's, school musical of Bye Bye Birdie.  It was dang cute. He did a great job and it was an entertaining evening.  The kids hung out at "Grandma Aunt Janae's" house. My Aunt Janae and my mom have the same coloring and they talk a lot alike and so Johnny gets them confused.  They were so excited to see them and they had a great time.  Since we were meeting John at their house, the kids and I hitched a ride from Janae (she works down the street), the children waited rather impatiently outside.
They wanted to pose on the rock outside our house. They are fun kids.

John has a three day weekend, so that will be just wonderful, don't you think?  Perhaps we will visit a PUMPKIN PATCH! :)

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Ellen said...

Oh what fun! Hope y'all enjoy your time together as a family! Life is Good :)

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