Sunday, November 2, 2014

All Hallow's Eve 2014

We had a grand time this Halloween!
For my "Days of Halloween," Halloween was  Pumpkin Day! 
For breakfast we had Orange Julius in jack-o-lantern cups, jack-o-lantern mandarian oranges and waffles cut to look like- you guessed, jack-o-lanterns.  We watched Disney's Halloweentown while we ate breakfast. 
Next, we made some Halloween goodies for Caity's teacher and then decorated the left overs for ourselves! :)  I was in charge of organizing Caity's class "Harvest Party."  It was fun to get in the classroom and meet all the classmates I hear so much about.  I manned the freeze-dance station, every time the music stopped, the kids had to find a Halloween Picture to stand on and if I drew their picture, they got a prize.  These kids had some moves! Would you believe I didn't get one picture of the party? I must have been too busy getting a dead arm from holding William while chasing Johnny down the hall between "music stops."  By the time we left, we were all exhausted. Kindergarten teachers are awesome, I don't know how they do it- and always with a smile on their faces!

When we got home from school, Dad greeted us wearing his costume! He was all decked out in Camouflage. The kids were so excited. We finally got to carve our pumpkins. Once again, we competed boys vs. girls.  

 Caity was pretty grossed out by the pumpkin guts!
For whatever reason, the boys found it more enjoyable! :)
Johnny wanted a dinosaur pumpkin...correct that, a "Sharp Tooth" Pumpkin and Dad delivered! (see costume pics below.) William just toddled around eating whatever we pulled out of our pumpkins.

Caity wanted a very girly pumpkin that absolutely had to have eyelashes and puckered lips and ear rings.

After pumpkins, we ate stew (we have that every Halloween), then  got in our costumes. 

So you may notice that Caity isn't the pink ballerina she was last weekend, and wanted to be all. year. long.  A couple weeks ago, you know- after I finished her ballerina costume- she decided she wanted to be Elsa from Frozen. I explained that we were already done with her costume and though she was let down, she didn't complain once.  She did make sure to give a disclaimer to anyone who asked her about her ballerina costume, though. ("Yeah, I wanted to be Elsa, but my mom wanted me to be a ballerina so, yeah- it's OK, I still like it- maybe next year or something. At least my mom is happy." Yeah, I felt like the worst mom ever.) 
I thought it through, and looked around the house and knew I could throw together an Elsa costume pretty easily with little cost.  So, I figured, "Hey, you are only 6 once- why not?" Besides, her ballerina costume cost nothing, so it wasn't a real big deal.  She already owned a blue, shimmery, poofy dress, so that was easy.  For the cloak, I chopped up a thrifted wedding veil and sewed it to an old lace shirt I below the sleeves.  I sewed on glittery snowflakes I found at the dollar store and covered that thing with spray glue and glitter. The crown was made from silver pipe cleaner I had. I wish you could have seen her face when she saw the costume.  "This is the best day of my life!" It was totally worth it.  She probably sang "Let it Go" a million and one times.

I told her she was the prettiest princess I ever saw. She bashfully said, "Well, actually I'm a queen, remember? It's OK, I get it confused too, sometimes." Here she is with her pumpkin^,

Johnny with his pumpkin. ^
Now, since Caity got a costume change- it is only right Johnny should too, right? Well, he thought so. 
Funny side story here.  We went to another Trunk or Treat on Wednesday.  There was a little boy in a Batman costume. They were playing super heroes and it got a little out of hand.  Johnny walked away with a fat lip. I felt kind of bad for him because for the first time in the history of ever he actually listened to me and didn't fight back.  So, ever since, Batman has been Johnny's mortal enemy. Like, his batman figurines are the bad guys now when he plays with his toys. When he switched to his Iron Man costume, Johnny said, "Yeah, Hulk is scared of Batman, but not IronMan, I'm gonna win this time, right mom?"  Thank goodness we didn't run into any Batmans while trick or treating.

William stayed a Lion. :) About ten minutes into trick or treating, this little lion conked out in the stroller.

Our only family picture from the night.

Trick or Treating was slow starting, but it got fun as it became darker. Johnny made sure to strike up a conversation with every person who answered the door. "How many dogs do you have?" Then as he was leaving, "I like your 3 dogs!" After about ten houses, Johnny was just too tired and with William asleep, the boys headed home. Caity wasn't giving in so easily. So together, we conquered.
This picture cracks me up.  She was horrified by the motion detector skeleton. We ran into some friends from down the street and trick or treated with Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West. Caity was so hyper: friends plus candy plus Elsa plus staying out late- this girl was in heaven. 

By the time our sore feet tuckered through the front door, Johnny was asleep on the couch and John was into his millionth hunting clip on youtube.  Caity was too exhausted to wash the glitter from her hair or take off her princess dress, so I just kind of let her sleep that way. She was out in minutes.

John and I enjoyed some hot chocolate and left over cookies and finally got to really see each other after a long, busy week. 

The next morning, the kids and I were up early and we sorted candy.  I love watching the littles concentrate on counting and pairing, it is just a fun way to watch their minds think!

Dear Halloween, you were good to us, see you and your spooky fun next year!

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