Monday, November 24, 2014

Snowman, Sous Chef, and Lumberjack

With the rainfall on Friday, Caity knew her snowman building days were dwindling, so she set to work Saturday morning.  I thought she did an alright job! By afternoon, the snow melted enough that her snowman's head fell off, she was pretty ticked off.  Caity and I have been reading a simplified version of Little Women.  It has been fun.  With her improving on reading, our parent code of spelling everything out has become obsolete.  Kind of funny moments with that one. 

This little guy has figured out how to push a chair to the counter so he can help me cook.  It really is fun to hear his babble and tongue clickings while he takes all the oranges out of the fruit bowl then stacks them back in.  Yesterday, John tried to teach him how to juggle and it cracked me up.  William kept forcefully lifting the oranges but he didn't know how to let go of them, he would just watch John in awe.  He also uses my elliptical as a jungle gym (at least someone is putting it to use!) He will climb all over it for a good solid twenty minutes. 

John went and scavenged us some firewood.  Johnny wanted in on the chopping action. 
The other day Johnny and were walking around Tai Pan Trading (a decor store), and there was a giant life size Santa at the doorway.  Without missing a beat, Johnny gave him a big hug and squeezed him so tight he had to close his eyes and smile really big.  When we were leaving he said, "See you later, Santa stinker!" Then to me: "He's a stinker because he lives in chimneys."  It made me smile.  Johnny is still pretty anxious about turning four.  He has been three forever you know.  

Yesterday we went to an interfaith Thanksgiving concert at CenturyLink Arena. It was beautiful. For the first few songs, I felt I was living a sort of fairy tale.  The  music was so moving, and the kids sat at the edge of their chairs.  Johnny kept pointing out all the instruments and Caity just sat there, smiling.  William sat on John's lap playing quietly with John.  I looked over at all them and was filled to the brim with happiness.  Then we overstayed our welcome and Johnny shouted, "TOO MUCH SINGING!"  John was forced to take the littlest one away to another level of the stadium so he didn't jump off the steep stairs and Caity kept saying she was "Sooo bored." Then, when I asked her if she wanted to leave she said, "No! This is just perfect." Silly girl.  So...we took our leave and hustled through the lit streets of downtown Boise.  It was a valiant effort,

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AnneMarie said...

Mary, I have been thinking about you lately. Love your blog and your kids!

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