Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year was probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings yet.
We started the morning off later than usual, the kids didn't get up until 7:00: first thing I was thankful for! haha. We sauntered into the living room to watch the Thanksgiving Parade.  For some reason I thought Caity would be my sidekick, but Johnny was surprisingly the parade enthusiast.  He anxiously waited for each float and would exclaim "Wow! Mom! It's Thomas (or a turkey, or whatever.) Hi Thomas! How you flyin!?"  It made it a lot of fun.  Every time some Disney break-out star would sing some over computerized pop song, John would look over at me like, "Wow, I must really love you."  Haha, Caity liked that part anyhow.
I had ambitions of making some cute turkey pancake breakfast I saw on Pinterest, but settled on cereal. I did set the table nice for the kids though.  It was really a 11:30 pm the night before endeavor.  Good thing though, because first thing Johnny did when he woke up was run to the table and shout, "It's Thanksgiving!"  I made everyone a little turkey place holders, on each feather was something I was grateful for about them- Caity appreciated it, William just ate his, and Johnny didn't even notice his- haha.
Once the kids were all showered and clean and less homeless looking, I wanted to get a picture of them together.  This was an effort, but we did it. Kind of.
I really liked this one of William. That smile gets me every time.
I have about 100 pictures like this in my phone...that baby! So wiggly.

We were having Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Janae's house. So I was in charge of salads.  I made a caramel apple salad, a toss salad and a jello salad.  I'd have to say the caramel apple salad was the most successful, with the jello coming in at a close second.  No one....NO ONE touched the green toss salad, haha. I thought that was funny.
Johnny was my little helper in the kitchen.
Caity was outside helping Dad put up Christmas lights (by helping I mean running around the front yard singing...)
Johnny and I had a lot of fun cooking together. It was one of my highlights of the day. He kept sneaking bites of apples and he would smile at me and say, "I didn't do it! I didn't do it! OK, I did it." 

It was a long wait until Janae's house...but the rascals kept themselves busy.  No, this didn't end in William toppling out and hitting his head, OK, maybe it did.  

We took down our Thankful Poster, we kind of fell behind updating it...but it is still fun to see the things people put.  I think my favorite of Caity's was Contruction Workers and "I am grateful for Holidays." 

It was fun to spend Thanksgiving with family since the last couple of years we stayed in Moscow.  Janae used all the same recipes as my mom, so that was fun to have recipes I haven't had in a while. Mostly, it just felt nice being with family. The kids wrestled my cousin, Nick for about two hours straight, haha- I'm sure he slept well!  John and Katie kept pranking eachother and stealing eachother's phones.  At one point John switched numbers in Katie's phone and pretended to be her other cousin, Alyssa- it was pretty funny and it had us all laughing- when we figured it out, we were all pretty fooled at first!
By the time we got home, everyone was beyond exhausted and we crashed.
Friday morning started with....CHRISTMAS decorating! :) 
My type of morning.

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Kami said...

They are getting so big!! I never check blogs anymore, but it was fun stopping in! I hope you guys are doing great, and we sure miss you! If you ever want to make the trip to Bear Lake and camp, let us know!!

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