Friday, November 21, 2014

Waiting in the Car and Making Turkeys

On Monday, I got the boys all bundled up and began my trek to Caity's school.  I don't know why I thought the sidewalks would be plowed.  The weren't.  It was eight and half inches of snow chiseled into little mountains from pedestrians before me.  By snow, I mean ice. I pushed with all my might and after a couple blocks, I had to turn that makeshift double stroller of mine around and run to the van while cursing mother nature for making me late picking up Caity. 
Since the snow has made itself at home, I have been driving this whole week.  I try to get there early to make sure I can get a parking spot since I have to get out to get Caity. This leaves some good talking with me and Johnny.

Here is a picture of Johnny waiting in the car with me looking like a little homeless man, cute homeless man though. Today he said the funniest and I almost wrote it down, but then I figured it was so funny I wouldn't forget it, but what do you know...I did.  Sometimes we play games like "would you rather" or I spy. For the record, Johnny would rather have a rocket ship than an airplane because he really wants to go the moon and airplanes only go to Florida (apparently.) Also, he would rather have a race car than a big truck because then he would have to go potty in the car, he can just drive "really super boom" fast.  He would also rather have a red car than a blue because blue is his favorite color.  If he had to choose between a toy monster and a toy dinosaur he would choose both because that one was just too hard.
When we play "I Spy" it will go something like this:
Johnny will look directly at yellow fire hydrant and say, "I spy something yellow."  I 'll guess the fire hydrant, because I wasn't born yesterday you know.  He'll look at me and say, "Are you crazy? Crazy mom."  Then on the third guess I always get it, "Good job mommy! You are a good looker!"
All the while, William hangs out in his car seat trying to figure out how to take off his mittens. 
I like hanging out with those guys.

In other news, Caity has made it quite clear that I have dropped the ball on November crafting opportunities. She has picked up the slack though.
Here she is trying to make her own turkey.  I really enjoy walking in on her doing her little projects. Her desk is like her sanctuary. And yes, that is a calendar in the background, she is obsessed with calendars and day-planning. 

I also feel the need to tell you about how William is a little box of sound effects these days. When we play airplanes or cars he makes "woooosh" ing noises or "vrrrroooom"ing noises. I think it is darling.

And right now, this very moment, what feels like an earthquake is really just John laughing next to me on the bed watching prank videos.
What a life. :)

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Ellen said...

What a life is right! Always good to hear an update. Life is Good :)

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