Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Little Christmas Bakers

This morning, I finished my last paper for the semester- YAY! It is one of those stresses that you don't realize is gnawing at you until it is gone and you suddenly feel as free as a bird. So, happy day for this girl.  I suddenly felt like I had so much time.  I exercised, wrapped some presents, then well, then I just laid down and read books with the kids because it was nice to just take a breather, you know? 
Parenting fail: I missed Caity's singing performance today.  I thought it was two days ago and waited outside her classroom in the cold, thought it was yesterday did the same, it was today and I was late and missed it.  She was so disappointed and I felt bad.  She reminded me about twenty five times through out the day too! Bah. Next time. 
Last year, my mom sent us and Elf on the Shelf. His name is Sammy. He isn't quite as creative as the other elves, but he has found some pretty innovative hiding spots if you ask me. This year, my mom sent us a Baking with Elf set. A part of me hates the whole marketing scheme of the Elf, but the other part of me can't get over how cute these little baker outfits are!
We made chocolate cupcakes with red sprinkles. It had us feeling all full of holiday cheer and stuff.

Our elf, Sammy.

Baker's corner.
Johnny sneaking frosting...the whole time.

And our designated taste tester!

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