Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

When the Larsens invited us to Costco to go Christmas tree shopping, my kids about lost it. Christmas trees and hot dogs with some of their favorite people? Yeah, they were excited.  We originally planned on going up into the mountains to find a Charlie Brown tree of our own, so when we saw all the beautiful trees at Costco, I was in Christmas tree heaven. They were beautiful!
We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and the outing made for great memories.

Here is Caity with the finished tree....Johnny refused to get in the picture, meanwhile, William was off throwing things down the heating vent, sooo, thank goodness for Caity!

The missionaries were over when we decorated the tree, so that was fun, despite their lack of appreciation toward my modge-podge-random ornaments- what? I'm a sentimental person!
Here are the FEW pictures we got of the night:
I know, this is the most random picture ever- I love that Caity is wearing shorts and a t-shirt despite the 30 degree weather, I also love that you can kind of see Wills pushing the ornament box lid, that was his favorite thing that night- we all contribute in our own way.

It was Johnny's turn to put on the angel this year, he didn't let the thing go all night.

Three things I love about this picture: The Angel- it was a gift from my grandmother, Johnny's face, an the fact that John is lifting Johnny by his pants.

Here are some of my favorite ornaments every year. Our first Christmas (2007), Caity's first Christmas (2008), Johnny's first Christmas (2011), and William's First Christmas (2013).

Every year, we let the kids go choose out a new ornament. This year, Caity chose the "little friend girl, She is just so cute and like, darling." Johnny wanted something sparkly and man, was he picky.  Every ornament we showed him he would exclaim, "Bah humbug!" He finally settled on a "J" but he actually calls it "My H ornament." So, I'm failing in that regard, I suppose.  William's is my favorite. It is a rainbow lion, he loves it and was pretty NOT excited to put it on a part of the tree he can't reach. :)

I got this foam tree craft at Target last year for 90% off, it was worth storing that thing because we had a great time decorating it.

We also had Christmas tree waffles again this year- I love this little tradition.

The only thing I really collect is Christmas ornaments, so putting the ornaments on the tree is one of my favorite things to do every year.  Every time I look at that tree I get a smile on my face that comes from deep down, in the tree are so many memories from the ornaments themselves to the clusters of Johnny's favorite about three feet off the ground- it isn't fancy, but is just perfect for this girl.
Christmas is great.

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