Friday, December 19, 2014

Things Lately

  • Has figured out how to take off his clothes by himself.  Many of times I will get him out of his bed and he'll just be bouncing side to side in nothing but a diaper thinking he is the funniest thing in the world.
  • Loves climbing on our bed and cuddling for two seconds, wiggling around, injuring one of us in the process then cuddling again for two seconds then starting the process over and over.  He really loves running his fingers through my hair- though it does hurt, he kind does more of a pull than a soft touch.  He also loves hitting John on the stomach and laughing.
  • is BITING. When he gets really upset he will start shaking all over and grab the person closest to him and clench!  The first couple times it was kind of funny because John and I have never seen him angry before, but now we are working on it.
  • thinks getting dressed is a game of chase. As soon as he sees me coming, he streaks down the hallway, hands flung in the air like he just don't care, and bums cheeks clenched, laughing hysterically.
  • Is trying to talk more.  He says, "hello" with rolling his tongue.  I love hearing him imitate our voice influxes and try to talk to us.
  • is a pill at church. Oh, church is long these days!
  • is the funnest to wrestle and play cars with.

  • has been Mr. Christmas Spirit at our house. He loves the Christmas songs and books and lives for special time (when we do advent calendars.)  The other day he sang, "Deck the hall with owls of holly falllalalala (repeat two more times then in the same Deck the Halls tune ...) And a partridge in a partridge in a pear tree, falalalalalalala!
  • Is beyond excited that his birthday is coming up.  He has the most elaborate ideas of what is going to take place.  So far, we are going to have a real t-rex, so I am sure it will be a rockin party.
  • Is my morning person, always the first awake and always the one to wake e v e r y o n e else up.  We are all cranky and he is as chipper as can be. 
  • takes about three baths a day because he likes to pretend he is a turtle or a water dinosaur.
  • Keeps telling everyone he is getting coal because he keeps making bad choices.  Usually when I get upset with something he does I will say, "that was a bad choice, Johnny." I guess he can put two and two together.
  • Loves PB&J sandwiches.
  • Likes to pretend to be Kevin from Home Alone.  Has laid out cars by my entry way, made dental floss traps- all the while saying "Those bad guys aren't going to get me! Yeah, I'm Kevin."
  • Calls William Baby Boo Boo.

  • Lives for ballet each Tuesday night.
  • Has yet to hop off the Frozen bandwagon #pleasedisneycomeupwithanewprincess
  • Is stressing out about gifts she is giving others for Christmas
  • Made the cutest snowman yesterday on her own and hung it on our front door so people would know that we like to have fun.
  • Is dreading vacation from school, she loves school.
  • Is reading on her own very well, it finally just clicked and it is the weirdest thing. Now, she will just ask about hard words.  Though I have been waiting for this, I am surprised at how sad I am that she is growing so fast.  Excited for her all the same.
  • Has a new friend at church, Maddie.
  • Likes playing with dolls and her disney princess clip-dress dolls.
  • Is the best, seriously, THE BEST helper in the whole world. She loves cleaning, and is awesome at getting things even her dad misses!

  • Sold his "drug truck" (as I call it) and 80's three wheeler yesterday so he can go down to Twin Falls tomorrow and purchase a suburban to either sell or keep, we are not sure.
  • Is filling out an application for an LLM program (masters you get once you have a law degree to specialize) in Counter-Terrorism and National Security.  If he does get in a program, we will be east-bound.
  • Has loved his time at the US Attorney's office. He has gotten to work on a lot of cool cases, a blog post I have been working on forever- will post soon hopefully.  He will continue interning there through next semester as he starts taking classes again next semester- then graduation in MAY!
  • Is seriously the best husband in the world, like seriously...don't know how I would do anything with out that guy.
  • still plays basketball three mornings a week. 
  • teaches Sunday School with me. We teach 12/13 year-olds. So fun. Though, they are so, so, so chatty. 
  • Is on a thai food kick these days and keeps trying new recipes.

  • Is way ahead of the ball game for Christmas shopping- go me!
  • Finished her 102nd semester (though not really) of school, and is registered for Adolescent Development and Foundations Capstone (a research course) for Winter 2015. After winter, I will have 13 more credits and plan to graduate next May (2015). Like for real this time.
  • Hmmm, what else is new with me? Been on a huge mashed potatoes and gravy kick.  Yeah, that is how exciting my life is.
  • Is planning Caity's class party today. Every time I go help out, I am amazed at how effortless kindergarten teachers make it look.
  • Is determined to get some reading in this Christmas break. My first is "Call the Midwife." Then from there, I don't know there are so many...we'll have to see.
  • Has been a rockstar about family dinners- like, I know that isn't that big of deal, but I really feel like I deserve a patch on my motherhood sash or something.
Mostly, things are just going and going pretty well.  I feel lucky and blessed to live this life and hope I don't take it for granted, because I am sure I do.

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The Hildreths said...

I needed to read this today! Your family is so fun. I just miss you mary!

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