Monday, December 15, 2014

Visiting Santa

We are Santa fans at our house.
When my Aunt Janae invited us to her church party to meet the jolly man himself, we were more than on board! It was such a fun get together and we really enjoyed all the festivities
The pictures are from by cousin because the awesome mom in me forgot a camera! Ha! Thank you Katie.
Here is all the kids with Santa Claus.  The boys were digging their candy canes, clearly.

As soon as Santa walked into the gym, Johnny ran right in with the other kids trailing behind him.  Johnny was smiling so big, it was the cutest thing.  When he was next in line, he just stood there holding his hands together, beaming.  When he sat on Santa's lap he asked for a robot. 

Caity was curious to see if this was the real Santa or not.  She decided if it wasn't the real one, he must have at least been Santa's brother, because he seemed real.  She asked for sparkly lipstick. News to her mom, that one. Santa told her she had been a good girl, and she said, "What? Have you been talking to Sammy?" (Our house "Elf")

William just didn't know what to make of the whole situation.  He was pretty pleased he got a candy cane out of the deal though.

After the party, we went home and worked on school work and things for church. Then, we went and had dinner with the Stotts. It was a great Saturday.

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Ellen said...

Great pictures! Glad you had a great Saturday. Life is Good :)

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