Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Caity's First Vlog

I found this video on my phone the other day.  The kids were still in their pajamas with sleepy hair. I don't know how they got a hold of my phone, but this video made me smile.
I think my favorite is when she says her bed is a mess, or maybe the way she sings "closet."  I also smiled when out of no where she said, "Excitement!"

Anyway, thought I would share an inside scoop of Caity's room, by Caity.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Table Rock

On Saturday, we ventured out to get some fresh air.  We decided to go explore Table Rock, as we had hear a lot about it since moving to Boise.  It was a fun little outing and the kids really had a blast exploring with their dad, while I kept freaking out, thinking they would tumble off a cliff at any given moment. :) 
Glad we went- it was a good time!

Monday, January 19, 2015

As Johnny's Fourth Birthday Approaches

Johnny turns four this Wednesday. The days leading up to the kids' birthdays make me oh, so nostalgic.  I just love this little man.  As cliche as it sounds, I just can't imagine life without him.  His energy and spunk are so contagious and make everything in our house more exciting, whether it's getting in our car seats or making breakfast or playing games, his enthusiasm always lifts us all to a very happy place.

I have been trying to remember things about when Johnny was born and his first week of life.  I remember the strangest things.   I remember John got home late from basketball the morning I was supposed to check into the hospital and I was a nervous wreck. I started shaking and crying and pacing and I don't know how its relevant, but John broke a frame we got as a wedding gift, then said "Well, you never liked that frame anyway" to which I responded, "No, I loved that frame, you were the one that hated it!"  Then we laughed and I realized it was going to be alright.  Weird, right?

We walked to the labor and delivery wing of Madison Memorial Hospital and Caity, who was barely two, was fascinated by all the fish tanks in the hallway.  She was so little in a big place and was so excited to meet "baby johngee."  When labor started, it was like getting a full body massage- just kidding, it was terrible.  I tried a few things to ease the pain, like having John squeeze my hand or feet, and I remember seeing little Caity at the end of my bed squeezing my foot with all her strength saying, "You can do it, mom, breeeeeathe."  And there went my concentration! Mid-contraction, I kept laughing- which, let me tell you- didn't ease the pain!

When the doctor told me it was time to push, I about lost it.  There were three of us all hitting that part of labor at the same time and I won the race- I wanted to hold that baby!

When Johnny was born, time stopped and my life was never the same.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion of what Johnny looked like.  I heard Larry Bird, a couple of famous old men, that guy from Goonies...and if they couldn't think of some abstract character, they would say he looked just like me.  I never knew how to take that.  I did know that I found him to be absolutely beautiful and perfect.  He had the most expressive eyes.  They have always told so much of what he is feeling and it wasn't any different from day one.  I always learned a lot about myself looking into his eyes

Johnny is like me in that he is an early riser and gets cranky if he isn't fed.
He loves making friends and often with the most unlikely people.
He reminds me of John in his laid back way of brushing things off and his ability to improvise.
"Mom, can I have ice-cream?"
"After dinner?"
"That's want I meant, after dinner!" That's not what he meant.

He is a sneaky, charming little fellow and he makes my heart light.  I am glad to be his mother and am thankful that the last four years have given me a boy a like Johnny.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mushy about William

It's hard for me to capture in writing or in pictures what William has meant to me the last few days.  You see, William was sick for about a month and it was a tough one. Let me just say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  He was pretty cranky that month and I thought it was just the new normal. So when he woke up all smiles, Sunday morning, ate his breakfast without throwing it at me, and played with John and the kids with out biting anyone- John and I were shocked. Then I felt terrible, because he must have felt terrible during that sick-spell.
Anyway, I just fall in love with this boy again every day. From the moment he bursts through my bedroom door with that huge goofy smile, to when he blows me kisses and waves good night while he snuggles his blankie.
He just has these sweet mannerisms. I love the way  points and what he wants and cocks his head to the side smiling as if he is saying "Please?"  It cracks me up that when I lift him from the high chair he kicks his legs like crazy so he can hit the ground running.  He is so cute how he pushes his dump truck after Johnny as they race down the hall. I love watching his mind work as he brings me car after car then sits next to me and says, "Orrrrooooorrr!" pushing his cars back and forth. It cracks me up when he says, "EWWW" when we change his diaper. I love how he pulls me to the living room when the kids are watching a movie so he can sit on my lap and cuddle.
And his smile- I love making him smile. And laugh.

And he likes making us laugh too.  He thought this was so funny at dinner, and we all joined in laughing with him. He just kept doing it over and over again.
Look how proud he is of himself!

He loves to sit on the counter while I cook. He will babble in his sing-song voice and it just makes me so happy.
I know I am sounding all mushy, but like I said, it is hard to describe. The kid just makes me happy.

And yes, Johnny is holding a hatchet.  No, we don't normally allow him to play with a hatchet inches from his brother's face. Yes, I took it away after I realized he had it mid-picture. Yes, he said "Aw, mom! You aren't fun like dad." 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In House Monsters

I don't know what it is with monsters at our house, but it seems to be "our thing." The most common game played at our house is "I'm a Monster and I'm going to EAT YOU!" And we just have a jolly old cannibalistic time here at Brassell House.  William doesn't call John "Dada," he calls him, "Raaaawr." Seriously. Every time he sees John or is looking for him: "Rawwwr!"
John made up some song with the kids and I have been hearing it non-stop this morning, it is to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching," it goes:

The Monsters eat all the kids, yum-yum, yum-yum
The Monsters eat all the kids, yum-yum, yum-yum
They go the houses and eat the kids and fill up their tums, yum-yums.

The kids think it is the funniest song in the whole world, we even sang it for our opening song in family night last night.

They have a good dad.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Johnny Boy, my Buddy

Johnny has just been my little buddy lately.  When I am cooking in the kitchen, he is the one sitting on the counter helping me.  When I wanted to watch White Christmas, he cuddled next to me and watched the whole thing.  Monday, while I studied, Johnny came in and asked if he could do homework with me.  I said, "Of course," and he grabbed his coloring supplies and quietly sat next to me coloring candy canes, x's, feathers, ships and "all the favorite colors in the world."

When that got old, he brought out some good old Calvin and Hobbes, and I about died because Johnny reading those comics made me that happy, even if he was mostly skipping to the dinosaur segments (hey, someone has to read those ones....)

With Caity at school in the afternoons, he is my little sidekick. We spend our afternoons trying to entertain William and playing cool boyish games like hot wheels, dinosaurs, superheros, and jump-off-the-couch. 
His little mannerisms make me smile.  I love that he "dashes" everywhere because walking is just too hard. I also think it is so cute that he puts his hand on his forehead, all exasperated, with his head shaking when he thinks something is so funny. 
I also like that he still cuddles. :) Earlier to today while I was filling out some paperwork on the couch he sat next to me and leaned on me and said, "Mom! Stop moving so we can cuddle!"  We were looking at old pictures and he kept saying, "Aww, I was the cutest little baby boy! Except William is so cute a little boy too!"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Caity Today

This post is a little random, but it has been so long since I have posted and I wanted to remember some things about Caity today.

When I dropped her off at school today and told her to have a good day she said, "Oh I will, I saw the Special Person of the Week List on Mrs. Frazier's desk and I was next! It's going to be a grrrreat day! Bye mom!"  She slid the van door shut and scurried off to catch up with Tayley, who gave her a sparkly bead.  Normally Caity and I have "a thing" where she waves good bye to me right before she turns the corner, today she was just so excited she forgot.  I decided that was a good thing.

Sure enough she was the Special Person of the Week, and has been working on her banner all evening. "I don't know what I want to be.  A book-maker, an artist, a rockstar, a mom, a school teacher...I just don't know. That is crazy because I am six."

Caity finished her first chapter book yesterday. I got it for her for Christmas, it was my first chapter as well, so that was kind of fun to share with her.  It is weird how I still remember the entire plot of that book, I thought it was so funny and still was laughing when Caity told me about Molly adding root beer and gravy to her cookies. Not the most sophisticated read, I know- but it is fun and something she can do herself which makes her feel good.  Oh, I guess I didn't even tell the title:
PeeWee Scouts: Cookies and Crutches by Judy Delton.
Here is the cover:
Here is the cover of how the book looked back twenty years ago when I read it:

Out of no where Caity said, "Ugh! Boys! They just pee anywhere they feel like!" (William has learned the art of diaper escape.)

Today, she organized a full on Dinosaur Day for her and the boys.  She made up all sorts of games and they watched land before time and they pretended like all of Johnny's dinosaurs were their real life children...except for the electronic "Sharp Tooth" Johnny got for Christmas...he was the bad guy until William sat on him and broke his tail.  I am grateful for her imagination and the world she creates for her brothers.

John had to stay late today so the kids got to eat left overs! They were thrilled. Not really.  Johnny cried with this head down and Caity said, "Johnny. Just close your eyes and plug your nose and think 'It's just ice cream' or 'It's just Mac and Cheese.'"

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