Monday, January 19, 2015

As Johnny's Fourth Birthday Approaches

Johnny turns four this Wednesday. The days leading up to the kids' birthdays make me oh, so nostalgic.  I just love this little man.  As cliche as it sounds, I just can't imagine life without him.  His energy and spunk are so contagious and make everything in our house more exciting, whether it's getting in our car seats or making breakfast or playing games, his enthusiasm always lifts us all to a very happy place.

I have been trying to remember things about when Johnny was born and his first week of life.  I remember the strangest things.   I remember John got home late from basketball the morning I was supposed to check into the hospital and I was a nervous wreck. I started shaking and crying and pacing and I don't know how its relevant, but John broke a frame we got as a wedding gift, then said "Well, you never liked that frame anyway" to which I responded, "No, I loved that frame, you were the one that hated it!"  Then we laughed and I realized it was going to be alright.  Weird, right?

We walked to the labor and delivery wing of Madison Memorial Hospital and Caity, who was barely two, was fascinated by all the fish tanks in the hallway.  She was so little in a big place and was so excited to meet "baby johngee."  When labor started, it was like getting a full body massage- just kidding, it was terrible.  I tried a few things to ease the pain, like having John squeeze my hand or feet, and I remember seeing little Caity at the end of my bed squeezing my foot with all her strength saying, "You can do it, mom, breeeeeathe."  And there went my concentration! Mid-contraction, I kept laughing- which, let me tell you- didn't ease the pain!

When the doctor told me it was time to push, I about lost it.  There were three of us all hitting that part of labor at the same time and I won the race- I wanted to hold that baby!

When Johnny was born, time stopped and my life was never the same.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion of what Johnny looked like.  I heard Larry Bird, a couple of famous old men, that guy from Goonies...and if they couldn't think of some abstract character, they would say he looked just like me.  I never knew how to take that.  I did know that I found him to be absolutely beautiful and perfect.  He had the most expressive eyes.  They have always told so much of what he is feeling and it wasn't any different from day one.  I always learned a lot about myself looking into his eyes

Johnny is like me in that he is an early riser and gets cranky if he isn't fed.
He loves making friends and often with the most unlikely people.
He reminds me of John in his laid back way of brushing things off and his ability to improvise.
"Mom, can I have ice-cream?"
"After dinner?"
"That's want I meant, after dinner!" That's not what he meant.

He is a sneaky, charming little fellow and he makes my heart light.  I am glad to be his mother and am thankful that the last four years have given me a boy a like Johnny.

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