Monday, January 12, 2015

Caity Today

This post is a little random, but it has been so long since I have posted and I wanted to remember some things about Caity today.

When I dropped her off at school today and told her to have a good day she said, "Oh I will, I saw the Special Person of the Week List on Mrs. Frazier's desk and I was next! It's going to be a grrrreat day! Bye mom!"  She slid the van door shut and scurried off to catch up with Tayley, who gave her a sparkly bead.  Normally Caity and I have "a thing" where she waves good bye to me right before she turns the corner, today she was just so excited she forgot.  I decided that was a good thing.

Sure enough she was the Special Person of the Week, and has been working on her banner all evening. "I don't know what I want to be.  A book-maker, an artist, a rockstar, a mom, a school teacher...I just don't know. That is crazy because I am six."

Caity finished her first chapter book yesterday. I got it for her for Christmas, it was my first chapter as well, so that was kind of fun to share with her.  It is weird how I still remember the entire plot of that book, I thought it was so funny and still was laughing when Caity told me about Molly adding root beer and gravy to her cookies. Not the most sophisticated read, I know- but it is fun and something she can do herself which makes her feel good.  Oh, I guess I didn't even tell the title:
PeeWee Scouts: Cookies and Crutches by Judy Delton.
Here is the cover:
Here is the cover of how the book looked back twenty years ago when I read it:

Out of no where Caity said, "Ugh! Boys! They just pee anywhere they feel like!" (William has learned the art of diaper escape.)

Today, she organized a full on Dinosaur Day for her and the boys.  She made up all sorts of games and they watched land before time and they pretended like all of Johnny's dinosaurs were their real life children...except for the electronic "Sharp Tooth" Johnny got for Christmas...he was the bad guy until William sat on him and broke his tail.  I am grateful for her imagination and the world she creates for her brothers.

John had to stay late today so the kids got to eat left overs! They were thrilled. Not really.  Johnny cried with this head down and Caity said, "Johnny. Just close your eyes and plug your nose and think 'It's just ice cream' or 'It's just Mac and Cheese.'"


Ellen said...

Oh that Caity! What would we do without her? Life is Good :)

Brit said...

What she said! ^
She is so darn cute. I love that she read the same book as you- how sentimental. I was thinking wow I can't believe that's what the cover looked like that long ago and then saw the next pic lol. Glad you're blogging again!

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