Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Johnny Boy, my Buddy

Johnny has just been my little buddy lately.  When I am cooking in the kitchen, he is the one sitting on the counter helping me.  When I wanted to watch White Christmas, he cuddled next to me and watched the whole thing.  Monday, while I studied, Johnny came in and asked if he could do homework with me.  I said, "Of course," and he grabbed his coloring supplies and quietly sat next to me coloring candy canes, x's, feathers, ships and "all the favorite colors in the world."

When that got old, he brought out some good old Calvin and Hobbes, and I about died because Johnny reading those comics made me that happy, even if he was mostly skipping to the dinosaur segments (hey, someone has to read those ones....)

With Caity at school in the afternoons, he is my little sidekick. We spend our afternoons trying to entertain William and playing cool boyish games like hot wheels, dinosaurs, superheros, and jump-off-the-couch. 
His little mannerisms make me smile.  I love that he "dashes" everywhere because walking is just too hard. I also think it is so cute that he puts his hand on his forehead, all exasperated, with his head shaking when he thinks something is so funny. 
I also like that he still cuddles. :) Earlier to today while I was filling out some paperwork on the couch he sat next to me and leaned on me and said, "Mom! Stop moving so we can cuddle!"  We were looking at old pictures and he kept saying, "Aww, I was the cutest little baby boy! Except William is so cute a little boy too!"

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Ellen said...

Glad you have a little buddy to keep you company. That Johnny is one swell guy! Life is Good :)

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