Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mushy about William

It's hard for me to capture in writing or in pictures what William has meant to me the last few days.  You see, William was sick for about a month and it was a tough one. Let me just say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  He was pretty cranky that month and I thought it was just the new normal. So when he woke up all smiles, Sunday morning, ate his breakfast without throwing it at me, and played with John and the kids with out biting anyone- John and I were shocked. Then I felt terrible, because he must have felt terrible during that sick-spell.
Anyway, I just fall in love with this boy again every day. From the moment he bursts through my bedroom door with that huge goofy smile, to when he blows me kisses and waves good night while he snuggles his blankie.
He just has these sweet mannerisms. I love the way  points and what he wants and cocks his head to the side smiling as if he is saying "Please?"  It cracks me up that when I lift him from the high chair he kicks his legs like crazy so he can hit the ground running.  He is so cute how he pushes his dump truck after Johnny as they race down the hall. I love watching his mind work as he brings me car after car then sits next to me and says, "Orrrrooooorrr!" pushing his cars back and forth. It cracks me up when he says, "EWWW" when we change his diaper. I love how he pulls me to the living room when the kids are watching a movie so he can sit on my lap and cuddle.
And his smile- I love making him smile. And laugh.

And he likes making us laugh too.  He thought this was so funny at dinner, and we all joined in laughing with him. He just kept doing it over and over again.
Look how proud he is of himself!

He loves to sit on the counter while I cook. He will babble in his sing-song voice and it just makes me so happy.
I know I am sounding all mushy, but like I said, it is hard to describe. The kid just makes me happy.

And yes, Johnny is holding a hatchet.  No, we don't normally allow him to play with a hatchet inches from his brother's face. Yes, I took it away after I realized he had it mid-picture. Yes, he said "Aw, mom! You aren't fun like dad." 

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Ellen said...

Glad little William is feeling better and hopefully that biting spell is all over too! Life is Good :)

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