Monday, March 30, 2015

Caity's Kindergarten Graduation

Caity's kindergarten graduation was basically the cutest thing ever.
She didn't think her dad would make it, you should have seen the excitement in her face when she saw him! 

She was in charge of passing out programs. It was so fun to see her little responsible self doing that.

Her whole class

Getting her diploma

With her teacher, Mrs. Frazier

Caity is at :04

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Learning Stage

The weather has been just fantastic lately, I have been able to play a lot more with my kids outside, and goodness- being a mom is fun in those moments.  

William is at a fun learning stage and is really anxious for attention and chances to soak in the world around him.  I saw this funny video about a mom trying to get things done and her toddler following her around undoing everything she is doing, and it reminds me so much of William that it made me laugh. He is a little helper who doesn't help much at all! haha. I just like him. He is sitting still to read books more often which makes the process less of a chore and more of a happy time for me, and for that I am grateful

Johnny is also learning quite a bit, he is in the early stages of reading and writing and well, nothing extra-ordinary, just typical pre-school appropriate stuff. It is so fulfilling seeing the light in his face when he learns something new.  Preschool has surprisingly been exactly what that boy needed. It wasn't as apparent that he needed as it was for Caity, but his confidence has just increased so much and it is helping me also know what things to focus on with him and things I can teach him.  They learned about Presidents on a couple weeks ago, and he has this sign that has Lincoln on one side, and Washington on the other. He'll make us all sit as he tells us all about them.  It cracks me up because mid-presentation, William will dash out and snatch Johnny's sign and run away and Johnny will holler, "Give me my presidents back stinker!"  Every week they focus on different occupations in the community.  Last week was police officers, and now he really wants a police dog (to John's satisfaction!) When he grows up he wants to "Be a Po-leece man and marry a preschool teacher like Miss Susan" (big smile.)  He has really taken to her and has a thing for her curly hair.  He is always telling me facts he learned about that day and it has just been fun.

Caity is learning to jump rope and hula hoop. I think one thing I really admire that about that girl is that once she sets her mind to learn something, she doesn't stop working at until she gets it down. She also is still my little, big. reader. Right now she is reading the Mr. Toad books from her school librarian.  My mom suggested Junie B Jones, Caity thinks it is pretty hilarious, I think it helps it is about a kindergartener.  On Saturday she set up "Learning Centers" for her and Johnny in the backyard.  There was a reading center, a toy center, an exercise center, a picnic center, a math center, a game center...anyway, it was really cute.  I was doing homework, and kept my window open so I could hear their little voices while they played.  Every center was so detail specific and organized.  At Caity's school the celebrated the Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the sheep.  We looked up Caity's to find out she was the year of the rat- I mean, really China? You only needed twelve animals and you zeroed in on rat?  Oh, how I wish you could have witnessed her reaction to that little piece of news.  I told her what a rat was known for and she wasn't so upset by it.  For a couple weeks she would say often, "Oh, that is because I am a rat." very matter of factly, and it would throw people off who had no context of what she was talking about. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Stuff that Happened Today

The following is from my email I wrote John today while he was at work:
Hello there!
How is your day going? Thought I'd update you on what has been going on today!

So, the kids were fine watching their show and playing while I cleaned, they ate breakfast while I cleaned, hardly noticed me.  As soon as I sat down to do homework, they have not left my side. Kids. 

I read William "Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb" three times in a row, he thinks that book is hilarious.

I took the covers off of the chairs to wash the peanut butter, jelly, grease, milk, drool, etc off. The older kids took this an invitation to make a tower of cushions to watch "Annie."  They are both wearing capes and calling themselves Queen Esther and King Jake. When I pulled William from his crib they strategically place him in, I said, "Here comes Prince William!" Caity was like, "No, it has to sound like royalty." I thought this as funny because there is indeed a royal Prince William in real life. 

I started making cookies. As I scooped and rounded each piece of cookie dough an placed it, I realized I was putting it in the same place on the sheet over and over again. I looked to the side of me and see WIlliam standing on a chair with his cheeks full, holding a ball of cookie dough. He smiled and drool fell down his face. That boy! 
Johnny has been obsessed with seeing how many circles he can spin, then trying to run down the hall as fast as he can. He keeps hitting walls and laughing and I can't help but laugh too. He is cute.  William watched Johnny spinning and tried a twirl of his own, after turning 180 degrees, he got dizzy and fell down and went: "woahhooooh" with his head swaying in a circular motion trying to copy Johnny. 
After practicing all morning, Caity snapped for the first time.  She looked at me in complete shock and said, "I did it! I'm the only kindergartner I know who can snap."  She proceeded to sing the days of the week to the Adams Family theme song while snapping.
I KNOW you saw me vacuuming this morning right? Well, William discovered the fruit loops and our carpet looks significantly now.

Hopefully I get some homework done today, but I'm not counting on it. :)
I love you, hope you have a good day!


PS- Caity and Johnny just burst into the room singing, "I just can't wait to be KING!" with William yelling "DADADADA!" We miss you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Firecracker Baby

Dear Brassell Baby #4,

Yesterday, we found out you were a boy, and as cheesy as it sounds, I cried a little.  I am just so grateful to have you in our lives.  After spending thirty minutes watching you on the monitor, I was so excited, you would think I actually was going to bring you home with me. Visions of three crazy little boys filled my head as I drove home from the doctor's office.  I smiled as I realized you will probably need to share a room with your sister at least for a while as I imagined your quality of life sharing with your rambunctious brothers! I'm praying those survival instincts kick in fast. :)

Oh! We are just so excited to meet you, little man. The doctor confirmed July 5, 2015 as your due date, though I have reason to believe you will make a point to come a week before or two weeks after that, because that is just what Brassell babies tend to do around here. Wouldn't it be fun if you were born on the fourth of July?

When Caity found out you were a little boy, she was a little emotional.  She was hoping to even out the numbers a little in our house. She overcame it pretty quickly though and has been planning a functional layout for her room that can include a crib.  She even said you can have blue bedding amongst her plethora of pink.  Johnny has said about three times "I'm SO excited it's a BOY!" And William- well, he doesn't have an idea of what is going on...he will learn soon though and I am just sure you two will be the best of buddies/enemies/brothers.   You two will be 22 months apart, the exact same as your Uncle James and me. I am excited you and I will likely share a July birthday.Dad and I keep looking at eachother and saying "A boy!" And then we kind of laugh/chuckle out of excitement. You are real!

Thank you for the good times thus far: for the little kicks, for making mashed potatoes and gravy so, so yummy, and giving me a reason to wear stretchy pants every day. We have a good thing going for us.

I love you my little my little firecracker baby


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