Monday, March 9, 2015

A Learning Stage

The weather has been just fantastic lately, I have been able to play a lot more with my kids outside, and goodness- being a mom is fun in those moments.  

William is at a fun learning stage and is really anxious for attention and chances to soak in the world around him.  I saw this funny video about a mom trying to get things done and her toddler following her around undoing everything she is doing, and it reminds me so much of William that it made me laugh. He is a little helper who doesn't help much at all! haha. I just like him. He is sitting still to read books more often which makes the process less of a chore and more of a happy time for me, and for that I am grateful

Johnny is also learning quite a bit, he is in the early stages of reading and writing and well, nothing extra-ordinary, just typical pre-school appropriate stuff. It is so fulfilling seeing the light in his face when he learns something new.  Preschool has surprisingly been exactly what that boy needed. It wasn't as apparent that he needed as it was for Caity, but his confidence has just increased so much and it is helping me also know what things to focus on with him and things I can teach him.  They learned about Presidents on a couple weeks ago, and he has this sign that has Lincoln on one side, and Washington on the other. He'll make us all sit as he tells us all about them.  It cracks me up because mid-presentation, William will dash out and snatch Johnny's sign and run away and Johnny will holler, "Give me my presidents back stinker!"  Every week they focus on different occupations in the community.  Last week was police officers, and now he really wants a police dog (to John's satisfaction!) When he grows up he wants to "Be a Po-leece man and marry a preschool teacher like Miss Susan" (big smile.)  He has really taken to her and has a thing for her curly hair.  He is always telling me facts he learned about that day and it has just been fun.

Caity is learning to jump rope and hula hoop. I think one thing I really admire that about that girl is that once she sets her mind to learn something, she doesn't stop working at until she gets it down. She also is still my little, big. reader. Right now she is reading the Mr. Toad books from her school librarian.  My mom suggested Junie B Jones, Caity thinks it is pretty hilarious, I think it helps it is about a kindergartener.  On Saturday she set up "Learning Centers" for her and Johnny in the backyard.  There was a reading center, a toy center, an exercise center, a picnic center, a math center, a game center...anyway, it was really cute.  I was doing homework, and kept my window open so I could hear their little voices while they played.  Every center was so detail specific and organized.  At Caity's school the celebrated the Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the sheep.  We looked up Caity's to find out she was the year of the rat- I mean, really China? You only needed twelve animals and you zeroed in on rat?  Oh, how I wish you could have witnessed her reaction to that little piece of news.  I told her what a rat was known for and she wasn't so upset by it.  For a couple weeks she would say often, "Oh, that is because I am a rat." very matter of factly, and it would throw people off who had no context of what she was talking about. 

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