Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Birthday Party

First of all, a shout out to my "little" brother, Matt! Today is his birthday! I am lucky to have such an awesome brother and I miss living close to him.  A lot of times Johnny and Caity remind me of him and I.  We were the same age difference and were buddies growing up.

Speaking of birthdays...
Last weekend, while John was at some enhanced concealed weapons certification class (that seriously took ALL day,) the kids and I went to our friend, Kaden's 2nd birthday party!
The first half of the party was at this fun house called Kid Planet. My kids were in heaven.

This girl was in paradise- she is so adventurous and all the apparatus kept her busy.

Johnny would jump up and dive right into the balls. Pure joy.

When William wasn't desperately trying to get out of the tortuous ball pit, he was trying to throw balls at me through the net.

But as I alluded- he was pretty horrified by the ball pit the majority of the time and resembled a prisoner trying to escape.

 Have I mentioned Johnny is afraid of heights? He is. There was a portion of the jungle gym where jump up on ledge to ledge to climb to the top.  He about died of fright. Like really. By the time my pregnant self was able to maneuver him down, He was soaked in sweat and tears.  After that, he stuck to the toddler area with Wills. They had a good time going down the toddler slide 101 times. They were just both so relieved there weren't balls or heights they were pretty happy.

Climbing up to the slide, William loved this part.
 After a couple of hours at the play place, we headed to the Jensen house for lasagna and cake and a pinata! 
Caity and her friend, Maddi. I really love Maddi's face in this picture.

The younger table also had a good time. William had been on a sugar fast (I am trying to get him to eat better and more consistently) so when cake was presented to him, boy was he happy!

So he proceeded to scavenge everyone else's left overs. This picture was taken after I had already nabbed two other plates.

It was a fun party and kept us busy and happy while we waited for Dad to get home from his class. Needless to say, everyone slept very well that night!

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