Saturday, April 25, 2015

An Evening Walk

Yesterday right before bedtime, we went on a walk. John stayed home to get caught up on some work; I grabbed Wills and the stroller, Caity grabbed her jump rope and Johnny grabbed his sword.  Halfway through the walk, William reached up and insisted on holding my hand the whole way home.  Johnny challenged about a dozen hedges and bushes to battle (after being told repeatedly to stop attacking his sister.)  Caity got twenty five jump ropes in a row.  At one point, Caity harnessed Johnny with her rope under his arms and across his chest, and said, "Giddy up Rudolph!" Johnny took off with Caity flying behind him in a fit of giggles. William looked on from the stroller with an amused grin on his face. Him and I have quite the view from behind.
We walked to Caity's school. I paced the track while Johnny and Caity practiced timing themselves on the slides so they would reach the bottom at the exact same moment.  Did I mention Johnny was wearing his cowboy boots? He was. There is just something about a child in cowboy boots that makes me happy.  On the way home we picked some fragrant blossoms and William would pretend to smell them and sneeze because I sneezed for real when I smelt them a few days ago.
Spring air is nectar for my soul.  It just felt good to be outside and to be alive.  I am excited for more frequent evening walks with John and the kids.


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