Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day One of Preschool, Day 100 of Kindergarten

I'm a little (lot) behind on this post, but back in February we had a big day here at Brassell House. 
Johnny attended his first day of preschool!
He was beyond excited, for the first time he could remember- he had an activity of his very own to look forward to each week.  He attends Tuesday and Thursday for a couple hours and comes home a fountain of knowledge:
"If you don't stop, look, and listen, you'll get smashed by a car or something."
"Mmmm, chili powder...smells like Christmas!" (confused it with cloves)
"I don't know. When I grow up I want to be a firefighter or a policeman. Cause they both have dogs, so that would be good thing for me!"
"If there is a 'emernigency' call the three numbers I can't remember."
Every day of the week, he sings the "Days of the Week" song until we get to the day we are currently on. Yesterday: "Today's Sunday because yesterday was Saturday and then we start again."
His favorite part of preschool is show and tell on Thursday he plans all week for it.  He adores his teacher, Mrs. Susan for a lot of reasons but mostly because she calls him "honey" and because she has curly hair. 
Worksheets I have been trying to get him to work on since summer seem so new and cool when presented at preschool, so it has really turned out to be a good thing for him. A real confidence booster as well.
On his first day, I wish I would have gotten a picture of him sitting in his chair at class. He sat in his desk with his fingers interlaced, elbows out, sitting up straight, smiling and eager. Caity gave him some "school pointers" on the way, so when his teacher said, "How is everyone doing today?" his hand shot right up, so when he was called on he could say "Good! I mean, great, yeah- I'm great!"

On the same day of Johnny's first day, Caity celebrated her 100th day of school. We went to help out with the celebration, it is always fun to get in the classroom and take in the eagerness of kindergarteners at work, learning.
Here she is making a 100th day of kindergarten hat.

She let her brother come sit by her, I am always so grateful how inclusive she is with her brothers.

William high jacked some childrens' snacks.

Johnny joined in on the fun

Sitting with the big kids for story time.

Caity is on the far end by the filing cabinet. 

This girl loves kindergarten and says she can't wait for first grade because then she'll get lots of homework (we'll see how long THAT lasts!)  It has been a great year and I love this phase of learning, at least for Caity- she is really inhaling any and every piece of knowledge. 

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