Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gloria and Petch

It is good for children to have friends. Granted it would be nice if their "very best friends in the whole world" could talk for themselves. BUT, this works too.

Gloria and Petch never seem to leave these kiddos' sides. 
If you have read my blog in the past, you know that Petch has been Johnny's best friend and sidekick for over a year now. He sleeps with it every night (like, he will wake up and get me if he realizes he forgot), he sneaks Petch everywhere we go, and it seems like every piece of mischief Johnny is caught in, Petch is somehow entangles in the fiasco. 

Gloria was a doll my mom made me for my sixth birthday. She was my very favorite and I may or may not have slept with her up until I got married (I know, kind of weird, but at least I drew the line somewhere!)  Because I am a Toy Story fan, I always felt a tinge of guilt putting her away in storage, so it has been a huge relief on my conscience to have Caity play with her and bring her to life once again.  They make a cute pair.

We had to pick up John from class today, which was actually kind of nice because an extra thirty minutes feels like a special bonus with how busy he is these days wrapping things up with school and the US Attorney's office, not to mention applying for jobs...
Anyway, John surprised us and took us to get some frozen yogurt.  There is a place here that serves free frozen yogurt to pregnant women- hello! I'm there. 
We had such a good time and the kids just seemed so happy and content, it was nice having some family time.
When we got out, the kids played around this pillar for about five minutes and though it was a simple moment, I just felt so happy enjoying the nice weather.

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