Saturday, April 4, 2015

If I had a Camera on me today...

If I had a camera on me today I would have captured:

7:30 AM- William and Johnny taking turns with each bite of their cereal, standing on the chair and smiling at eachother after every bite.

8:00 AM- Cutting Johnny's hair, with William standing on the stool with him while they made silly faces in the mirror.

Johnny and William's little bums as they raced cars against the wall of the bath.

Caity, sleepy eyed, fully dressed and hair done rushing from her room and saying, "Happy General Conference!"

John giving me a hug when he woke up.

William stacking cars while we watched conference.

Johnny shouting "Hey butler!" to William, and then William shouting something back, then them both going back to what they were doing in the first place.

Caity laying on her back watching conference with her ankle resting on her knee.

Johnny's proud face when he brought me a ship he made out of legos.

William's face when he ran out of his room after his nap, like "Hey world! I'm awake!"

Caity leaning on John while they watched conference together.

Caity telling me about how she liked Elder Bednar's talk because he said not to listen your fears and that is what Spencer told her at the park when they were playing on the monkey bars.

When I moved to the other couch for some space and three little bodies moved over their with me and squished themselves on to my same cushion so they could all have a good spot that was touching me in some way.

I was doodling and I looked down at Caity and Johnny's pictures and they were copying me.

William saying "Sorry" to Johnny and giving him a hug.

All three kids making special "food" in the sand box. They were so entertained and thrilled with themselves.

William throwing a tantrum, then laying on the floor and staring at the wall refusing to acknowledge us.

Caity in a bathrobe, crossing her legs, sitting on the toilet reading a "Nevergirls" book while she waited for her bath to fill up.

William and Johnny sitting side by side in camping chairs in the backyard eating oatmeal.

How handsome John looked when he went to the priesthood session of conference.

John's face after he told me a funny joke.

When I told Johnny it was bedtime and he exclaimed, "Yes! Tomorrow is EASTER! I so excited!"

William waving "good night" to me, hugging his blanket.

Wish I had a camera. I suppose I'll just have to close my eyes and watch the slideshow there and hope that the images only become blurry enough that I won't see the dirty faces, but clear enough that I can see the light in those childrens' eyes.


Ellen said...

Oh what a wonderful day! In some ways I'm glad you didn't have a camera so you could really enjoy and live the moment. Life is Good :)

Brit said...

I loved this post. you're an amazing writer and I could picture it all so vividly! What a cute bunch of tots!

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