Monday, April 13, 2015

Kickin' it on a Monday Afternoon

Today as soon as we got home from Caity's school, we all changed into short-sleeved shirts and shorts. It was 76 degrees today!
Despite the darling polos and cargo shorts in Johnny's possession, he rotates between the same three shirts every day: his truck shirt, his Cars shirt, and his basketball shirt; always paired with athletic shorts.  William didn't quite fit into Johnny's hand-me-downs we pulled down earlier, so I particularly enjoyed watching his little toddler belly bounce after his older siblings. Caity came out of her room after she changed and exclaimed, "Free! Free at last!"
We broke out some capri-suns we have been saving for such an occasion and unanimously decided a game of soccer was in order.
Caity naturally ran inside to grab supplies to make a score board and a notebook to make sure every knew all the rules.  On her way to the sliding door, she hollered back, "Johnny! You'll be a goalie- it is so fun, I promise!" So fun that she opted to coerce her brother to be it as opposed to herself- haha. Perks of being the oldest, I suppose. :)
Johnny ran up to me out of breath and said, "I better go get my boots!" And he did. Because if you're going to play backyard soccer, you might as well go all in- in cowboy boots.
Caity's organizing took too long for her little brothers' attention spans so they decided to go ahead and warm up while they waited.
It started with William sitting on the side of the deck, clapping for Johnny every time he kicked it through the two Easter basket goal posts. (After each time Johnny informing him it was time to clap, of course.) But also making sure to say "Uh-oh" and looking concerned every time Johnny missed the ball and fell Charlie Brown style on his back.
Then, Johnny said, "Come on, brother! Let's play soccer you stinker dill pill!"

And they were off.
These two playing together is one of my happy places.

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