Thursday, April 16, 2015

Storytime with Dad

Every time John reads a story to the kids he makes sure to read the copyright page word for word, then proceeds to make up the text on each page there after.  Seriously, I can't get the kids (William) to sit still through a page that reads "Where did the dinosaurs go?" and yet, they are raptured as John reads, "All rights reserved. No part of this publication...etc." He even reads the ISBN numbers at the bottom. And they just sit there: listening, cuddling, and so happy that Dad is home. 
Then he goes on to re-write a perfectly magical story.
Today, Where did all the Dinosaurs go? 
transformed into 
Look Out for the People Eating Dragons that Live in Sewers.
Johnny finds it hilarious. Caity, who can read, uses all her self control to not correct John on every page. It is a struggle for her.  And William...he will just sit there as content as can be, roaring occasionally while he points at various dinosaurs.
Meanwhile I watch on in disbelief that John gets away with it, and that I am so lucky to call that John Calhoun "mine."

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Kristen said...

haha! That is awesome! That would be so fun to see! haha Jordan and I just love reading your posts. It makes us feel like we are there. :)

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