Monday, April 20, 2015

William says "OWWWW!"

For whatever reason, William is our favorite form of entertainment around here.  If we get him to make an animal sound, we all cheer and keep hammering at him to do it again. (And again.)
The kids (and myself) have his favorite book memorized and recite it to him on at least an hourly basis, and every time he gets so excited.
If Master William wants to go outside, we all drop what we are doing to go play with him, if he wants cars- we put away the dinosaurs we are playing with, so heaven-forbid, he doesn't have to play with cars by himself.

For the most part, especially in public, William is a stoic little guy. He is not one to trifle with baby giggles or awkward hand waves at strangers. He mostly just stares...or grimaces.  So, when he does talk we all act like he is the smartest baby in the whole world.
Before this video we were asking him if he wanted a baby and he would close his eyes, shrug and say, "yeah..." smiling all big, then he would laugh. And we would laugh. And then ask him again.
(Yes, I have no idea what he is going to do when baby brother arrives in a couple months!)
We did get him to point to his owies and say "OW" though, and we thought that was pretty genius.

Here are some more random pictures from my phone of Master Wills:
Helping Dad grill some burgers after church.

Waiting for big sister to get out of ballet class.

William's first day of nursery. I don't think Alison was too thrilled with his offering.

This is one of my favorites of William.

The boys were taking baths. I was doing dishes. I looked up from my kitchen window, only to spot a little naked bum streaking after his big brother in the back yard. Boy, was that little guy happy.

He loves being read to (especially when it is his big sister!)

Also, he is in a big boy bed now. He was pretty thrilled to be "unleashed."  He has done well for the most part, except for the that one time at three in the morning when I found him sitting on Johnny's head, hitting Johnny saying, "Dadadadaaa"

I am going to try to be better at updating more frequently, I have been busy lately with school and being pregnant and not taking pictures- but I miss reading about the little things I seem to forget over time- so wish me luck! :)

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Ellen said...

What a great post! Love the picture of William in his church clothes on the deck! Life is Good :)

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