Thursday, May 28, 2015

A bike ride

As fate would have it, the day after we sold our van (yay!) the suburban's ignition switch went out. Naturally, I was stuck Tuesday without a car and a million places to be in a short time period. It was definitely a run around sort of day (literally!) Part of the time solution involved pulling out our bikes.  I hadn't pulled a trailer pregnant so I was a little weary about the idea, but turned it out, it wasn't so bad (until the next day- haha.)  
As we were riding bikes to Caity's ballet, she asked, "Does it hurt to ride with a baby in there?"
I said, "No, but I do probably look a little silly!"
She replied, "No! You don't look silly! You just look like a mom, who's kind of fat, that likes to have fun with her kids while her husband is at work."
That was a relief.
She looked so cute in her little ballet outfit! And it was such a beautiful day!

The boys had fun in the bike trailer, there was a lot of laughing and Johnny yelling, "I'm going faster than a fire truck!"  William absolutely loved it, and was perfectly content the whole time.

Just kidding. He was hot mess trying to break free every time we stopped- thank goodness for the harnesses seat belts!

However, he crashed by the time we rolled into the garage.

While I tried to collect my out-of-shape-self in a camping chair, the kids road their bikes up and down our cul de sac. I really love sunny days like this!

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