Wednesday, May 20, 2015

And Then He Graduated Law School...

Ladies and Gentlemen...we have a law school graduate in our midsts!
I couldn't be more proud of this guy. Three years have gone by so fast, and yet at the time they never felt like they would end! 
It seems like just yesterday we were pulling our entire life behind Sally in a huge, smelly, homemade trailer and unloading into University of Idaho's student family housing. 
I don't think we had any idea what was ahead of us, from Moscow, to Seattle, back to Moscow, to Denver, then Boise.  We started as a family of four and are ending as an almost- family of six!  We've  had times where wondered how we were going to pay rent or for groceries- yet, somehow it always worked out. We grew closer as a family and though it was John attending school, it was a learning and growing time for all of us, and I am grateful for all we have gained.
It is fun to look back on how much we have grown, especially John. I sound like a broken record but I am so proud of all the work he has put in the last three years and yet still always making time for his family. I just love that guy. Good Job, John! We are proud of you!

(johnny got pretty tired and was ready to crash before the ceremony even started. Unfortunately the band playing the prelude music was a little too loud for his liking.)

How could we have survived law school without the Stotts?? Glad we got a picture with them! (AKA-thanks Whitney for making sure we got a picture together! :) )

To celebrate we went out to a Thai restaurant by the office John has been interning at, since that is John's favorite cuisine these days.  After the ceremony we went to get frozen yogurt with my Aunt Janae and her family which was a nice "cool down" for a long day.  It was just such a fun day of celebrating. Unfortunately, John still had finals for the next couple of weeks, so on the last REAL day of school, I made him an apple pie because I must love him or something! :)
Today, John starts Bar Prep classes- oy vey! Here we go!!


Whitney said...

Wahoo!! Congrats to John and the WHOLE family! Its not easy being a law school widow! I'm so glad the school part is over and think we only have to survive a few more months of crazy and then law school is truly behind us! We are so grateful for you guys and your incredible friendship and example! It has been a fun ride! We need to squeeze in some play time this summer! :)

Lauren and Michael said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!! That's huge!

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