Friday, May 29, 2015


Dear William,

You, my squishy-thigh friend...are a little terror! Though you don't mean to be...
In your mind you are quite helpful. So maybe I should take a moment to thank you for all your hard work lately! Thank you for "reorganizing" all the books on my book shelf.  I know it occupied you for about thirty minutes and you were breathing pretty hard- it was laborious work for an 18 month old.
Thank you for helping me with dinner.  I totally forgot that once the enchiladas were rolled up and placed in the pan, they then needed to be picked up again, shaken so the filling falls out, and thrown into a pot and stirred up. 
Thank you for getting the flour out for me when I was making cookies.  I don't know why I put it away after adding it to the recipe. Sure some of it (all of it) spilled all over the floor, but I could tell you were just as frustrated as I was with that complication because you growled. I'm grateful you made the most of the situation and used the cookie cutters to make shapes in the flour-blanketed kitchen floor.
I know Dad really appreciates your help in the garage. Sure, we have had to replace like 8 tools because who knows where you crate them off to, but what would our Dodge Neon (The Hulk) be with out a dent or two from your handyman skills with that wrench as tall as you are. On that note, thank you for trying to clean up the oil you traced into the house. With my white shirt you pulled from the dryer. You are so innovative sometimes.
Speaking of which, thanks for cleaning the back window. Next time talk to me first though, so I can show you the difference between cooking spray and windex.
Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you rearranging everything in the kitchen? You know, I never really used those bowls you broke yesterday anyway! Also, why use the fridge doors when you can keep all the condiments on a shelf with the milk. You were so proud of your self for accomplishing that, and you know what- so am I! 
I could go on forever, from your assistance in putting away laundry (aka-emptying drawers as I work) to you helping me sweep (aka- flinging my pile all over the floor again) to reorganizing the bathroom cupboards...but I'll just end with this one: Thanks buddy for organizing mom and dad's the bathtub. That one kept you busy for a while. I am particularly impressed you kept all of them in pairs and that you performed the task in mom's red rain boots. When I suggested we put them back, you looked at me like was crazy and babbled at me what I assume to be "Are you kidding me? The shoes look so good in here! Besides, now I can play in your closet floor!"

William, I'll be honest....I chase you around most days as the self appointed Hurricane William Damage Control Team. But then you give me that big smile and I think about I wouldn't spend my days any other way. Except cuddling, why don't you cuddle??? :)

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Ellen said...

LOVE this! So grateful for your optimistic attitude. Life is Good :)

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