Friday, May 22, 2015

Johnny's Last Day of Preschool

Johnny just walked into my room and said, "Did Old Mcdonald really own a farm?" I told him I thought so, since we have a song about him. He responded, "Then, what? He just decided to kill all the cows and make cheese'boogers'? Because cheese'boogers' can be made of cows, and they can be made of elk."
He is one smart cookie, and it has been fun watching his knowledge grow even further as he has attended preschool the last couple months.  There has been a sorrowing countdown the last week as we edged closer to his last day.  He just loves going!  I have loved watching his eager face every morning in his little back-pack as he waved good-bye walking up the long driveway to his teacher's front door, more often than not with a little trinket-gift hiding behind his back to award her for being one of his favorite people in the world. (My! How I appreciate teachers and their positive influence in my kids' lives!)
There was a little ceremony yesterday where Johnny got a certificate and Ms. Susan told a little bit about him. It was so much fun, I decided to post the video!


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