Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stylin, Joseph and a Bouncy Toddler

Style Preferences.
Caity and I are moving into a stage where her hair is a constant negotiation. I knew she would have her own opinion eventually, but it kills me a little inside. Luckily, she is usually pretty lenient, but most days (like the one above) she just wants a "plain- you know, like big girl head band." 
She also feels SO COOL to have her jacket tied around her waist. Like, SO cool. Like, it was almost 80 degrees yesterday but she wanted to bring her jacket just in case, aka, she wanted to tie it around her waist.  I thought it was cute.

The kids have been playing Superhero family lately. Johnny told me "You are super grandma but I will call you 'Mommy' for short, OK?"  Yesterday he knocked on my door and said, "Mom, I'm tired of being Superman, so I'm just gonna be Joseph now." (As in Mary and Joseph.) That cracked me up.

William is happiest when he is moving. The entire time we were on the trampoline he had this face expression. He loves walks and swings, as soon as the swing moves- he is laughing. His little run is still my favorite, even if he is running the opposite direction of where I need him!

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Ellen said...

I can't believe how BLONDE William is. Your kids are growing up and it's hard to believe. Always great to read an update. Life is Good :)

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