Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Helicopter Flyin'

Yesterday, John and his supervising attorney, Marc, were asked to give a presentation by the Drug Enforcement Agency for all the federal agents in Idaho that deal with marijuana grows. 
To get to the training sight, they got to ride in a helicopter! Originally, they were going to ride in a black hawk with the canine team, but that got postponed for the next day.  On that note, they were also going to have the chance to put on protective gear and be attacked by said dogs during training, but alas, also cancelled to John's disappointment. 
BUT, he did still get to ride over there in a chopper. The videos he took looked absolutely breathtaking. John was describing to me how it felt to just have his legs dangling out the sides flying over the landscape and it sounded pretty magnificent. 
The presentation went well, and John came home with an even stronger desire to get some sort of license that gets in the air, so I say, all in all a good day.
Isn't he handsome?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Church Little Things

There are little things about church I want to write down real quick before they go away.
Johnny always insists on having the hymn book open to the right page and he follows along with his finger as he "reads" the words UPSIDE DOWN. Every week. He puts the book on his lap upside down and earnestly pretends he is reading. It cracks us up.
There a group of older men that call Johnny "The Mayor" because he looks like such a little politician-man in his suit and tie, missionary tag, and hair parted. He walks into the sacrament meeting room like he owns the place and makes sure to shake everyone's hands. And don't mind that when someone pays him a compliment he says, "I know. You too." 

Good news: William has not bit anyone in nursery for about 7 weeks straight. Yes, I gave birth to "that kid."  His over all violence has gone down considerably, which is a huge relief to this momma (and his church leaders....and Kaden (pictured above)) 
His favorite part of nursery is snack time and singing time, and by singing time I mean "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." His favorite toy is the car racing track.

I snapped this picture to send to my mom. She made this dress for my little sister, Rebecca. We have in on loan since my mom is Caity's favorite seamstress these days.
Since she was five, Caity has made it her special job to make sure everyone has everything they need ready for church.  Sacrament meeting can be long for little ones, so Caity makes sure to pack crayons, a coloring book and snack. She is so on top of it sometimes. Lately, she has also requested to help Johnny get ready. I just love that girl.
A couple sundays ago, someone was talking about a story from the Book of Mormon and Caity leaned over to me and whispered, "I just read about this!"  I am so proud of her and her reading!

After Sacrament Meeting, there is Sunday School. 
I teach the 12-14 year olds, and by "I" I mean John helps me because they are quite the crazy bunch. Every other week, we drive over to Spencer Krummet's house, so he can teach from his wheelchair. Cardon and Ryan always insist on riding in the trunk of the suburban (it is only about a block or two away) and the entire time John with break check, hit corners hard and hit curbs on purpose to elicit squeals and hollers from the back of the Suburban.  Since the suburban has been out of commision, John crammed all 8 kids into the Hulk on Sunday. Cardon and Ryan insisted on the trunk. Those two.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Caity's Ballet Recital

Caity had her first ever dance recital on Friday night.
I about died because I thought it was so cute. Something about forty little girls prancing around in pink, purple, blue and yellow tutus makes my heart smile. 
Because I am usually accompanied by my two mischievous sidekicks, I was never able to sneak in and watch Caity's progress in her learning her dance steps, so in a way it was like this huge reveal seeing how much she had improved and how much more confident she was performing with the other girls.
Here she is with her class (missing one) waiting in the "green room" for their turn to perform.

"Mom. We played sunshine fairies and it was so much fun that I think I might want to invite everyone of those girls to my birthday.

There first dance was to "Tale as Old as Time" from Beauty and The Beast. Unfortunately, I the video is too big to squeeze on to blogger, but lucky for you, I took a million pictures. (And luckier for you, I narrowed it down considerably- haha) Seriously though, as lame as it is- (remember I am pregnant here), I totally got emotional watching her dance. There aren't many times where I get to sit back and just watch Caity uninterrupted and Friday night, it blew my mind how much that little girl has grown up!

Her Jazz performance was to "Walking on Sunshine" it was so cute! I think my favorite (forgive me, Caity) was watching her trying to shimmy her shoulders, haha- she just didn't understand the concept of that one, but it was still cute all the same!

Then here is the whole school after the jazz performances were done. All the acts were so much fun to watch! I am really looking forward to next year.
Here she is, so proud of herself, but mostly excited for all the flowers she got. Confession: on the way to the church we watched all these dads walking in with bouquets, so John and I looked at eachother and John was like, "What? Was I supposed to do that?" Apparently- whoops. :) So we ran quick and cut a rose from our front yard, and it worked perfectly. Would the world have ended had she not gotten a rose? No. But it was fun having something for her.  Our friends also came to watch her and brought her tulips, and our neighbor gave her a couple roses as well. To say the least, Caity was pretty tickled. 

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