Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Helicopter Flyin'

Yesterday, John and his supervising attorney, Marc, were asked to give a presentation by the Drug Enforcement Agency for all the federal agents in Idaho that deal with marijuana grows. 
To get to the training sight, they got to ride in a helicopter! Originally, they were going to ride in a black hawk with the canine team, but that got postponed for the next day.  On that note, they were also going to have the chance to put on protective gear and be attacked by said dogs during training, but alas, also cancelled to John's disappointment. 
BUT, he did still get to ride over there in a chopper. The videos he took looked absolutely breathtaking. John was describing to me how it felt to just have his legs dangling out the sides flying over the landscape and it sounded pretty magnificent. 
The presentation went well, and John came home with an even stronger desire to get some sort of license that gets in the air, so I say, all in all a good day.
Isn't he handsome?

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