Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Skinny Dipper Hot Springs

A few days ago, we packed up our kiddos and headed to Skinny Dipper Hot Springs. John has been wanting to take our family for quite some time, and I figured with a name like that it had to be pretty family friendly am I right or have I seen too many naked little bums escape from the bath tub?  The person who told John about it assured us that most people wear swimsuits, for the record- which, if that is the case, why not call it Wear Your Swimsuit Hot Springs? That's what I want to know.  Anyway, John had driven past the hike entrance before and assured me it was only a slight incline...
Turned out, it was A LOT of incline... that John of mine is always optimistic with these sort of things.

Since Matthew was only two weeks old, I was  a little hesitant, but chants from the the people in the back motivated me to make the climb.

We may of had to stop a couple times. It was HOT!

The pictures make everything look dead and brown, but really- it was a breathtaking little hike.
Unfortunately, this was the only picture I got of Skinny Dipper Hot Springs. There were three pools with a waterfall connecting them.  The view from the actual pool was really spectacular, it was kind of like an infinity pool that looked out over mountains of trees.  Although you can control the heat, we didn't know how, luckily a man showed up who considered himself one of "The Guardians" of the hot springs and he told us how to do it. We were too impatient to sit in the heat and wait for the water to cool down, not to mention we were a little nervous to be swimming among one of Skinny Dipper's namesakes, The water was pretty hot and we were hot, so we just chalked it up as another ill fated adventure in our books and descended back down the mountain, still grateful for the experience we did have together.

On the way home we stopped by a little corner store for some huckleberry ice-cream, I love Idaho summers!

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