Monday, September 21, 2015

Caity, the FIRST grader

Caity has been so excited to go to school ALL day and eat her lunch AT SCHOOL, she has talked about it all summer. Then a week before school she started saying things like "Oh man, my last Tuesday of freeeeedoooomm!" as if she was dreading it, but you could tell by her face she didn't mean it  but was likely imitating something she had seen somewhere as a right of passage as child.  I have learned this about Caity: the days she looks forward to are first, Christmas; second, the first day of school; and third her birthday.  At least so far. I like that girl.
We walked her to school

If you can zoom on this picture you can see two little bodies holding hands on the to school. Dear Caity and Johnny: PLEASE always be this sweet to eachother.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

William Bradley Turns TWO!

Mr. Wills, Master William, Will the Pill, Willy-Boy...We love our William Bradley.
William's birthday fell right before our move to Rexburg, it was so nice to take a break and just enjoy that little boy of ours! 
I love that he just knew it was his special day and he was particularly happy and excited the whole day.

His smile just melts my heart. His favorite color is red (maybe because of his red blankteria?) His Mamaw Brassell got him an Elmo as an early birthday present that he would take eeeeevvveeeryyywheeerree with him. So, it seemed only natural to give him an Elmo cake! He was so excited and by the time we blew out candles there were quite a few finger pokes. It was a banana cake with cream cheese frosting, so yummy!
We went to the zoo and he must have grown since the last time because it seemed like for the first time he could actually see the animals.
He also got to go on a few motorcycle rides with his dad (he LOVES motorcycles.) 
We made sure to visit our friends, the Jensens so he could see Kayden (aka- fight, hug, chase, bite, hug, laugh, jump on the trampoline....we miss that sweet, forgiving boy!) The Jensens got him a Ninja Turtle shirt (that he literally wears every day) some cars, and they hooked me up with a hand-me-down race track that William plays with ALL the time.  
After visiting them, we played outside with the McFarlenes, and their dog, S'mores- whom Wills loves.  Leah made William a puzzle that she painted just for him, it was priceless.
Again, his favorite part of the birthday was the balloons!

Here's to two years to my crazy, stubborn, strong-willed, passionate, particular, high-pain-tolerant, growlly, would-rather-to-be-naked, sweet-loving, sand-playing, innovative, joking, awesome-play-wrestling, big splashing, defending, sweetest kiss giving little boy.
I love you Mr. William,
I love watching you learn and grow and "become" every day. I am excited for the world that you are in it.  You are our wild card child and every gray hair you have given me is totally worth it. I love when you rub my arm and smile and tell me you love me, I love how you are always so concerned about your siblings and I love how you can smell treats from two blocks down- you are my kind of kid! It cracks me up that no matter who it is, as soon as you hear their bath water running, you are stripped down in seconds- yet you hate taking baths on your own.  I admire your determination to do things your own way and once you set your mind to it, you make sure it happens! You are joy and an infinite part of our family.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Master Wills.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Floating Down the River

A few weeks ago, John took the older kids to float the Boise river while I stayed home with Matthew.  It was so much fun getting random text messages, it looked like they had a good time.  They were pirates and explorers and talked about it for days after.

Friday, September 11, 2015

When Mom's Away...River Play

Our favorite park in Boise is DeMeyer Park. It is about a half a mile walk/bike ride and we find ourselves there a few times a week. Well, when I take the kids their leisure is limited to the playground, the swings, and perhaps the ducks if I'm feeling adventurous (William typically falls in the pond...) 
When John takes the kids they tend to have a little more fun.  It is always fun to get pictures like the ones below from John when I am home with Matthew or out running errands. 
He makes life an adventure for those kids. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

When Caity Turned Six--No, SEVEN!

The funniest thing happened with Caity's birthday this year. As soon as she woke up and saw her birthday cake, she exclaimed, "Mom! I'm not six! I'm SEVEN!" Oh my goodness. I totally bought a "6" candle. What? It's like she aged a whole year in two seconds and it felt like someone punched me in the gut. She is growing way, way too fast. I love that girl.
She was up early and her and I went to Albertsons to pick out some donuts (and get a new candle) for breakfast. She was so happy and talkative, a few workers sang her "Happy Birthday" and one sang, "Happy Birthday to you, you're 102!" She thought that was a hoot and basically told everyone all day long. 
For class, she chose to bring go-gurts. I made her a special lunch with all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff (kitty shaped- sandwich, fruit snacks, drink) and everything was wrapped in wrapping paper, even the banana, haha.  It was the first time she wouldn't be home for lunch, and that was just weird and sad, and gosh- does she really have to grow up?
When she got home from school, we rode bikes then went to a friend's community pool, she is trying to learn out to swim.  It was a lot of fun! We went to McDonalds for her traditional happy meal and played on the toy.
When we got home, she felt particularly loved as all our neighbors just showed up for cake and ice-cream! We had the greatest friends and neighbors in Boise! 

Confession: I'm writing this post six months later, but Caity still talks about how fun it was to have all her friends show up, especially the McFarlenes, the Jensens and Devin. She is one lucky girl!
Adrianne and Maddi got Caity a HUGE craft jar, which is so her, and Rowan and Leah got Caity "Descendants" a Disney movie that Caity is currently obsessed with. I don't even remember what I got must have been something really, I can't remember! How embarressing. It was probably a pony or a coloring book or something like that, haha, how funny.

I love that Caity girl.
She is my creative, thoughtful, sincere, literature-loving, conciencous, giggly, striving, spiritually-intune, earnest, late-night talker and reader, best big sister, funny, crafty, helpful, loving little girl.
Happy SEVENTH Birthday Caity Elizabeth!! 

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