Monday, November 9, 2015

Two Jensen Families, Two Parks, Two Videos

We had another great weekend here at Brassell House. We try to wrap up all studying and work on Friday so we can some good ole family time. 
On Friday, Shaylee and Kevin brought some pizza over and we had a movie night. I also made some fudge and brownies to have with ice cream. It was so much fun hanging out together.
We woke up at 4:30am Saturday morning because of sick kids. John and I debated going to hike R mountain to watch the sunrise but then we remembered the sick kids and enjoyed our warm bed, haha, and by enjoyed I mean with four snot nosed kids crawling all over us asking for popsicles. Livin' the good life. 
Later Saturday morning, our friends, the Jensens visited us from Boise! Yay! John and Kendon went pheasant hunting, here are the two of them holding up their bounty.
Yeah, they didn't have a lot of success, haha. But they had a good time. It was a beautiful day and I am a little jealous they were able to enjoy it in the peace and quiet of fields. 

Back where it wasn't so "peace and quiet", Adrianne and I got to have girl time catching up amongst my loud, excited children.  Her kids stayed behind since mine are all sick, but hopefully we can get together with those kids soon! Kayden deals with Wills' bullyish ways, and Maddi plays "best friend" to both my kids, so they were very much missed. The kids made do and water colored and danced to Taylor Swift.  It was so fun spending time together with Adrianne and talking about our lives and (yay) Christmas plans! 
The day we moved from our storage unit to our apartment in Rexburg, the Jensens surprised us by driving all the way from Boise and just showing up at our storage unit.  John and I both say it was probably the most surprised we had ever been.  They are saintly people in that way, they are always a step ahead of us and offering service to others without complaining or recognizing any inconvenience it may have caused them. Some day we just may we be worthy of being their friends! Haha. Until then, we'll just enjoy that they look beyond our faults (as many friends do for us) and enjoy our friendship with them.

Later, we went on a walk. It has taken a week of snowing, seriously, to convince William it is worth wearing a heavy coat and gloves. Here is Wills staring at me  holding his outdoor gear and him just standing there, staring at me, like I'm on out of my mind to suggest he wear them.

Meanwhile, Johnny graced us with an original song.  I don't know why this song cracks me up so much, Johnny is just is a funny phase right now that I have really enjoyed.  When the Jensens (not Shaylee and Kevin, but our Boise friends- I just realized they have the same last name, haha! I suppose it was a Jensen weekend!) Anyway, when the Jensens were talking with Johnny he was telling them all about his Bat friends (There are five Johns and a Tommy) and Adrianne thought he said "bad friends" when I corrected her, Johnny said, "Yeah, and their bad, like. they teach me how to steal and stuff."

Here we are on our walk to Broulim's. We saw Shaylee and Kevin drive by and an H1, so it was a successful walk in our book.

On our way home we went to Porter Park. Caity and I made a pile of leaves that Johnny happily volunteered to jump in.

Caity wasn't feeling so well, so she went home with John and Matthew while Johnny, Willliam, and I played for a while.

While I cut the boys' hair on Sunday Morning, Caity had a make over session with Matthew. Big sisters have fun with little brothers. I would feel sorry for him, but he seemed to be having a pretty good time. Caity was in a fit of giggles with every ward robe change.

William sat in here for about thirty minutes playing with the drill. 

Sunday, we had the children's program at church. Caity asked me to curl her hair, she looked so sweet and earnest up on the stand singing her little heart out. Johnny was more smug and confidant the whole time.  I don't know who chose to have Johnny front and center, but he sure enjoyed the attention.  They did so great in their parts and I felt so happy to know those kids. 
We took off after sacrament since all of our kids still looked contagious and we didn't want to infect the entire ward, and we decided to go for a family drive.  We invited Shaylee and Kevin to go with us to Sheep Falls. 

The air was so clear and we got such a great view of the Tetons!  I suppose it is hard to see in my camera phone picture....maybe if you zoom in, or maybe you'll have to take my word for it. It was gorgeous. 

We were so surprised that once we hit the turn off for sheep falls, there was a ton of snow! Unfortunately, we weren't dressed for snow and therefore didn't hike down to the falls. It was a pretty drive though.

We the Jensens off and went to Smith park to get some fresh air. The kids were all doing a lot better which was a huge relief. 
And here's a video of Matthew complaining while Caity asked John to show her a Taylor Swift music video. This video shouldn't make me laugh the way it does! Haha.

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