Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Adventures Walking Home from School

When we walked to get Caity from school yesterday, Johnny would run ahead and William would run after him yelling "VEEEEEEE!" (He can't quite say his W's.)  I held Matthew in a big poofy, marshmellow coat with his wide eyes and red nose, taking in the beautiful November evening.

Caity was waiting for us by her classroom window, so Johnny and Wills walked up to peek in the window with their hand binoculars.  She came out the door and said, "Mom! Why are you late again?" (Again, not late, just not early...haha)

On our way home we decided to go the park. We found a secret passage way through some trees. When we got to the other side, I said, "Oh look! We are in a secret world, there is the castle!"
Caity said, "Not just ANY castle, a Halloween castle!"
Johnny said, "Oh no and here come some skeletons, I'll get them!" Then my brave four and half year old began fighting off those skeletons.
Caity: "And a witch's cottage! I hope she is a nice witch."
William was still trying to build up the courage to crouch between the branches of our "secret entryway," he eventually opted to run around the trees all together. As he made the turn and saw us, he growled with his arm in the air and provided back up with Johnny against the evil skeletons.  I don't know that William knew what was going on though, he just kind of started copying Johnny battling (in his mind) himself.
Caity saw some dogs and said, "Oh no! Werewolves! I'll distract them and throw a zombie arm!"
Me: "Ew."
All the kids start laughing. (They love grossing me out.)
William: "Doggie!" He commences to chase a stranger's dog and I have to run after him to intervene.
Caity: "Oh no! Here come the bats!"
Johnny: "It's OK! They are my friends, I'll talk to them and tell them we just want to play on the Halloween castle!"
Caity: "I change my mind, this is Thanksgiving land. Whoa, look at all the pilgrims and the....(long pause)....um, pilgrims!"
Johnny: "I don't like Thanksgiving land, I'm just going to pretend like this is Porter Park!"
(We were at Porter Park.)
Caity: "But look at all these Pilgrims and look over there, there are some...(long pause) pilgrims."
Me (seeing Caity's imagination was running low on what could be found in Thanksgiving land): "And giant turkeys! They want to eat US for Thanksgiving dinner! Ahhhh!"
Johnny runs off and "Ahhhh! RUUUUNNNN!"
William starts after in a couple seconds later: "Ahhhhh! Nonny! Nonny!" (Trying to catch up with is brother.)
Caity: "I'm done with this game now. I just want to push Matthew on the swing."
So we did. Meanwhile, Johnny and William played tag with some kids at the park, though the kids didn't realize William was playing with them.
When it got too cold for Matthew, we made our way home and had one of the cookies Johnny, William and I made for family night and some oatmeal because isn't that what everyone has for aftershool snack? Dad got home later from work and I was sure ready to tag team by that time. Those kids can wear me out some nights!

The other day, Caity chose matching outfits for everyone (me included.) She wanted to make sure we got a picture to document it. 
Easier said than done

Getting William to sit still and not watch John the whole time and/or pull someone's hair? Sheesh. At least we got one. :)

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Ellen said...

Love the imagination! Your guys are so fun! Life is Good :)

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