Friday, November 6, 2015

Chunky Cheeks, a Fort, and Cookies!

Caity has designated bedtime accessories: her hello kitty head band, mini mouse slippers and friendship bracelet.  These two sharing a room has been so much fun. Sometimes I'll walk past to catch Matthew laying on her bed and Caity putting on a show for him with her original Taylor Swift choreography.

We've had our first snow, people! I am not a huge fan of cold, but snow in November and December is so magical. I love being in a warm house watching it fall then taking my kids out to play in it. 
Today we all walked to pick Caity up from school. It was Matt's first time in the snow. He was fascinated by it all. Johnny said, "Oh no! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Johnny and William built a fort today

Therein was an epic battle between the dinosaurs and the zoo animals. I bet you can guess who won.

This year is the first time Johnny has been able to write on our gratitude poster.  For the record, "MOM" was the only word written in bold, thank you very much. Yesterday he said, "Mom, I'm going to stay with you every second of today." Melt my heart. 

I love Matthew's chunky little face! There is a special recognition face babies make and whenever this boy gives it to me, I feel like a million bucks.  Million bucks covered in spit up and who knows what, but still, I feel good on the inside.

Last night I caught William making sure his car track was functioning at full capacity. He takes his "tool play" very seriously.  I think he likes that it makes him like Dad, and he thinks his dad is the coolest thing since Barney.

Yesterday, Johnny helped me make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. My house smelt like fall, I loved it!

It was a messy process for my dough-loving boy!

Last night Matthew helped John study while I tucked the kids in bed. Not a lot of studying got done as you can imagine. As much as you want to just hold him while you get stuff done, John and I decided that is impossible. You can't hold him without smiling and playing with him! He is just so excited to see you and he kicks those little legs and snorts and giggles and any plans besides peek-a-boo are out the window.
John has been doing contract work at a firm in Idaho Falls, so we don't get to see him for lunch breaks and what not like we got used to. It is so nice when he gets home!

Walking with Johnny to school today. It was so cold!
He complained in a whiney-strike-two voice "The snow is trying to eat my face off!"

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