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Halloween 2015

This year's Halloween was another one to add to the books! 
October was a bit of a crazy month for us, but we still managed to have a lot fun together and enjoy the Halloween season. I think some of my highlights as I look back are making sugar cookies at my mom's house, visiting the This is the Place Heritage Park in Utah (so much festive decor), going to the pumpkin patch with my brother, Matt, and singing all the fun Halloween songs/reading Halloweeen books with my kids.  

Here is a couple of pictures of my kids riding the train at Heritage park
Johnny and Caity were so cute in the little caboose, they loved it. William's face expression was pretty unsure about the whole experience.  
(And can we take a minute to check out Matthew's chunky little arm? Dying.)

Our first weekend in Rexburg we went on a double-ish date with Matt and his friend, Kylie. It was the cutest pumpkin patch and a perfect fall day. Some day I am going to have acres of land and a pumpkin patch because gosh, wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up to a field of pumpkins every October??
Caity and Johnny were quite the pumpkin pickin' team.  Johnny would march after Caity, Caity would choose the pumpkin, Johnny would say, "Yeah, that one. Now you have to carry it because you chosed-ed it." I'm raising a little gentleman.

William rode this little pumpkin train about five times (with the same face as the train ride the whole time...he gets excited on the inside.)
It looks like I captured William finding his pumpkin here...nope, it was a rock. He was so excited about his rock.  Through out the rest of the day, the kids would talk about their pumpkins and how much fun they had and William would pipe in all excited, "My ROCK!"

Caity and our loot.

Our family. :)

Matt, the kids and Kylie. They love him.

Matthew basically slept through the whole thing like a good two month old.
Oh, it was so much fun! I have a special place in my heart for Eastern Idaho, it has been fun being back here for a short time.

Although Halloween was on Saturday, festivities started on Friday for us. 
Caity got to dress up for her school's Halloween parade and the boys and I got to dress up for story time and trick or treating at the library.  I decided to make our traditional jack-o-lantern pancakes for breakfast (and a bat and witch hat in honor of Cate and Johnny.)
Here's Caity right before school in her witch costume.
Here are the boys right before the library. Matthew was a pumpkin but he decided to spit up all over that costume good thing we had a back up!

I don't where this obsession started. Maybe in one of our Halloween movies or books? But this boy is obsessed with bats this year.  When I go to tuck him in at night, he is hanging off his bunk bed upside down, when I get up at four to homework, he is wide away and whispers, "Except I can't sleep at night...cause I'm a bat."  Then when I told him I was his Bat mom so he also had to listen to me when he is bat he responded, "Well, then we aren't alike because girl bats like light and boy bats don't...sooooo, sorry about that." "What's for dinner? Do bats eat that?" Those are just a couple of examples, but he has seriously been cracking us up with this Bat obsession. Oh one more- at church when he introduces himself he says, "Yeah, I'm friends with sharks, bats and lions." all matter of fact, nodding his head. After watching Rugrats Halloween, he was pretty disappointed to find out he didn't actually turn into a bat at midnight like the show made him hope.

We weren't sure if would be able to get William to dress up this year, he is our wild card that keeps us on our feet.  It wasn't until Matthew spit up on his first costume and changed into these skeleton pajamas that William would get into his costume. Then, he didn't take it off for two straight days. He thought it was so amazing that him and "BeeBee" matched. Whenever John would see William he would holler, "Ah! Dem bones!" and William would chase him growling. (And then they would wrestle...and then someone would get hurt...but we'll leave that part out!)


This chunky little stinker needed multiple wardrobe changes!  Lucky for him he looked so dang cute every time.  While we were trick or treating and engaging in all the festivities, he was all wide eyed, smiling at me in his car seat. He just makes me smile, that Matthew!

Caity wanted to be a witch SO, SO badly. I tried to talk her into a million other costumes that we had access to that were so cute (especially since she was a witch a couple years ago), but she just wanted to be a "Cute and Scary WITCH!)  My mom sent my old costume and Caity loved it.  And I just want to point out how cute that girl is with four missing front teeth! :) 

We went to Caity's costume parade at school, then to the library, then to various trick or treats around Rexburg. We came home completely exhausted. OK, so I was exhausted, the kids were hyper. John was out working on a cattle ranch for a couple of days and these kids know how to work me to the bone! 
We came home and sorted our candy into piles (one of my favorite things to do) and got comfy on the couch to watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
I love those kids!

Then MATT CAME OVER! The kids were so excited to carve pumpkins with Matt (OK, so was I.)

Matt kept teasing Caity and mixing up the shapes, it was driving her crazy but Matt and I couldn't stop laughing about it.

Here's the whole crew. I am glad we had time to do that together, and grateful Matt makes time to hang out with us!

After Matt left, John's parents, Brittany and Spencer came up to visit.  And our chaotic, crazy night got crazier as the kids started bouncing off our cinderblock walls with excitement. Did I mention that John brought home a bloody cow horn from the ranch? He did. I should also note that he talked Johnny into bring it close to Eden multiple times when gave Shaylee a heart attack. It was gross, but also kind of funny. Shaylee is a trooper to put up with her big brother's teasing. 

Halloween morning, after eating Boo Berry cereal, we made our way to the ice caves. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this adventure, but everyone had a great, wet and cold time. Except me. Poor me stayed in the warm, cozy car kissing chunky baby cheeks. :)
On our way home from the caves we stopped by the St. Anthony sand dunes and played for about thirty minutes. This was my favorite part of the day
I love getting chances to play with John and we always have such a good time wrestling and pushing eachother off the dunes.

Spencer taught Cate "Double Double This That" in the car on the way home. 
We got home and got warm and in costumes then headed over to Shaylee and Kevin's for chili and trick or treating. It was so much fun. Eden (ahem...Kevin) even went to the door for candy, we had a blast.  We also stopped by my Aunt Natalie's house- it was so wonderful seeing them and my cousins. They are some of my favorite people whom I admire.  Their house was decorated so beautifully for Halloween and they were watching the Nightmare before Christmas and eating stew. I'm sad we couldn't stay longer.
After trick or treating we drove back over to Shaylee's and celebrated Miss Brit's birthday (who is more elusive than I like when it comes to pictures so I don't have one of her! haha.) She was dressed up as the kid from ET, it was so cute. 
Here are John's parents with Eden and Matthew...I wish Maria was here! It is so fun having two cousins Matthew's age. 
Everyone went to the Haunted Mill while John and I took the kids home and put them to bed. We all crashed right away from a long, fun day. 
I just love Halloween!

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Ellen said...

Not sure how I missed this post yesterday, but it made my day reading it today. I'm so glad y'all had a great Halloween. Looks like so much fun. Gosh I sure miss you guys! That Matthew is one cute skeleton/pumpkin. And really all of your kids are so cute, and the costumes only add to their cuteness. Pretty cool that Caity got to wear your old costume. Johnny and his bat stuff was cracking me up. And that's funny that William was more excited about a rock, rather than a pumpkin! Hope all is well. Life is Good :)

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