Monday, November 2, 2015

Matthew's Blessing

November 1st, 2015.  
One year ago this day I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared. John and I both felt strong impressions that we needed to have another baby, but it was a big leap of faith. At the time our future was a complete blur of unkown. Not to mention, we had no idea how we would rise up to the challenge of four kids under six.  Our nerves soon turned to excitement as we began to anticipate all the special feelings a new baby would bring.  
One year later, I would have never guessed I would be where we are right now. Many of the uncertain aspects of our life are even more uncertain than they were when we decided to bring Matthew in this world. But one thing has remained a light and a joy in our life, and that is this little baby sent to us from Heaven.  I know, that sounds cheesy, but really- Matthew has been such a precious gift in our home.  Because of him, we have been able to focus in on what is most important in our lives: our family and our faith.  It is remarkable to me how God blesses us as we follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  A year ago, it was subtle, but it was sure. Our family needed Matthew. I thought I knew what that meant at the time, but a year later I realize I only understood a glimpse of what God had in store.  Matthew has been a beacon of hope and binding force in our family.
God's plan for his children is remarkable.
I am so glad we got bless this smiley baby yesterday!
He wore John's blessing outfit, which was special. He was particularly pleasant all day, it was as if he knew it was his special day.  
Typically, babies are held by all the men in the circle in a laying-down position, Matthew sat up the whole time, haha. I guess that is what happens when you wait until they are three months? He was just so curious!  My favorite part of his blessing was when John talked about how his happiness and faith will be a light to others. I hope I can provide a home that will foster his cheerful disposition. 
Here's our growing family!

Both mine and John's family came up for the blessing. It was so wonderful to have them all there to support us. I am grateful for the extended family my kids have to turn to for guidance and role models.

 After the blessing we headed back to our cinderblock paradise for some taco soup and pumpkin bars.
Johnny and my dad playing rock,paper, scissors.

The grandmas and Matthew.
Shaylee, Brittany, Becca

Becca and Matt

 It was such a beautiful day, and a perfect way to start a month dedicated to gratitude. 
I am so grateful to be this boy's mother.

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Ellen said...

Oh I just love this post! What a special day. Life is Good :)

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