Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving this year turned out to be a great one!
The days leading up to the holiday, John and I were both sick with a stomach flu and (reminisent of a food poisoning experience a couple thanksgivings before...) we were not up for a turkey dinner. The kids were pretty disappointed and I swear God listens to Caity's prayers like no one else I know, because what do you know? We started feeling better and decided around ten in the morning we were going to go for it! But...let me back track.
We woke up early in the morning to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade and have biscuits and gravy.  We hung out and played around the house for a bit while we tried to stream some football then...well, I guess that brings us to deciding to have thanksgiving after all at ten am. Wasn't much to stop the post and back up- but you know, it's good you know that we watched the parade and played together right?
I told everyone they were required to add at least five things to our our gratitude poster, haha, I know that probably takes away from the purpose...but eh, I still enjoy going back and reading what they put (even if it's because their mom makes them!) haha. 
Johnny was able to add in his own words this year, which I loved. William also threw in a couple scibbles. Caity's are always sweet and bless her heart, she is probably the most faithful contributor. 

As soon as she found out we were going to make a turkey, Caity got in her Thanksgiving dress and matched Jessie.

Johnny played Monster Match with his super heroes

Dad chased Johnny with our raw turkey

Caity dressed up Matthew while she played Queen Rainbow.

William helped me make gravy.

And at the end of the day, we had a mighty good spread:
It was a really, really, REALLY fun thanksgiving dinner.

That evening, John requested a very special Christmas present. 
As a family he wanted us to camp out in front of Cabelas so we could win a prize when the doors opened at 5:00 AM. I had my reservations, but gosh, I love that John of mine!! So, we bundled up, got our propane heater and joined the other crazies for a night of camping in a parking lot in seriously, not joking: ZERO DEGREE TEMPERATURES. It was cold. REAL cold.

The kids were troopers, but ended up spending most of the night in the car. I was positively miserable. But we drank hot chocolate, watched The Christmas Story projected on the building, won a couple t-shirts, and really had a fun time. 
(John didn't win the gun- haha)
(But we DID win two $10 gift cards!)
I'm telling you- there is no way, no how I could have done that with or for anyone else, besides John. He makes the worst experiences the best experiences. Right when I reach my end, he gives me that smile and what do you know, I realize I can go longer than I thought.
We also sold our suburban, which was sad, but also exciting because that meant rent for a few more months, haha. Oh life. We ended up buying a van, names Max the next Monday.
Also, on the way home, we stopped by Kohl's and I was able to get a couple more stockings for our set for 60% off, thank you very much. 
Friday, John went hunting with our friend, Eric, and put up Christmas decor and did homework. It was a great weekend together. 

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Ellen said...

Glad your spur-of-the-moment Thanksgiving turned out and that y'all survived your zero degree camping! Life is good :)

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