Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Walking with Caity

One of my daily highlights is walking with Caity to school.
It is always oh-my-gosh-why-do-we-live-here-cold in the mornings, yet there is something reviving about it.  The air tastes like a glass of ice-cold water and as you  exhale your breath warms your face. Sometimes Caity will pretend to be the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland when he is blowing out smoke, "Wahooo aaahaare yooohooou?" 
The grass and leaves are tipped with frost and they crunch underneath our boots. 
Caity's little hand works as a heater for mine and I try to imprint the feeling of its smallness in mind before those little bony fingers grow to be strong, independent hands. 

We talk, we laugh and we enjoy nature. We watch the sun rise.  At the canal we cross every day, we have watched a duck family prepare for winter. 

There is a tree that has taken a little longer than the rest to turn. Every day we see if we can tell a difference. We have watched it turn from green to red, to orange to yellow. 
We make it to the crossing guard and I hug her tight and tell her I love her, to make it a good day, and try to find someone who needs a friend. She says, "OK! You too! Love you!" Then she speed walks across the street, and says a chipper good morning to the guard.  Right as she gets to the double doors she usually looks back one more time and waves and smiles with her big toothless smile. Sometimes she blows a kiss, sometimes she signs I love you (points to her eye, crosses her heart and points) and sometimes she just waves. 

Then I turn around get a view of the Rexburg temple and no matter how cold, or what mess is awaiting me at home, or bills in the mail box, my heart swells with gratitude. 
It's a good life. And I feel that when I walk with Caity to school.

I want to get better about posting daily pictures, I love looking back on little moments from a year ago or five years ago! So, wish me luck and don't hate me for overflowing your blog-feed!

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Ellen said...

Gosh Mary! You are such a great writer. I love you describe things. That Caity-girl is sure growing up fast. Life is Good :)

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