Wednesday, November 11, 2015

William Coloring and Growing Up

This morning as I was laying in my bed, I watched William walk from Caity's room his bedroom dragging a coloring book in one hand and her box of crayons in the other.  He plopped himself in the corner, still within my view, situated his book and crayons, and got to work, one crayon at a time. He scribbled with one crayon, then put back, sighed and grabbed another crayon.  This continued for a good five to ten minutes.

Monday, during family night, it was William's turn to say prayer. When John told him to go in front of everyone, He gathered his ninja turtle notebook and coloring crayons and juggled them with his short arms to the front of the room to say prayer. He put his book and crayons down while he folded his arms and when he said, " 'men!" he squatted down to start process of picking it up again to drag back to his spot so he could continue his masterpiece.

Coloring is a new hobby of William's. I love watching his little eyes focus and his squishy fingers grip crayons and blonde little eye brows furrow while I hear his deep breaths because he is concentrating so hard.

I also love walking in on all three older kids laying on a blanket in Caity's room coloring together. Caity and Johnny are talking about something and Wills just looks so proud of himself that he can hang out with the big kids.

It has been fun watching him grow up and spend more time playing (as opposed to taunting) his older siblings.  Johnny, William and I played some board games yesterday afternoon.  William was so excited every time someone got a match. He would shout, "YAAAAAY!" and clap his hands together. Then we read books and every time he would see a bug he would say "BUG! Smash!" and procede to slap the book page where the bug is located. To which Johnny says, "William! We don't kill bugs!" (His sunbeam teachers at church taught him that we don't harm God's creatures, even bugs- and he has taken it to heart.) After Johnny's miniture lecture, William looks at Johnny, looks back at the page and says, "BUG! Smash!" and smashes that bug to reiterate to Johnny what he is about.

As I have been typing this, William has sat next to me to me organizing hot wheels cars by color.
It has just been such a joy to watch him grow into his own (slightly stubborn) person.

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Lauren and Michael said...

You are such a good mom!! I learn so much from you!! I wasn't to be just like you! You love your kids so much and are so good to them!

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