Monday, December 14, 2015

Johnny's talk in Primary

You have to zoom in, but that is Johnny sitting in the front of the Primary room, about to give a talk.  He sat up there, smug as can be in complete confidence.  When the primary president announced that after the song, Johnny would give his talk, he pumped his arms in the air with his hands in fists and mouth "Oh yeah!" and then nodded out of excitement.  When he got up to give his talk, he wiped his forehead and started to blow "nervous air" from his cheeks.  He gave an excellent talk about how he is named after four "John's" and how he wants to be a missionary of Jesus. Then he couldn't figure out how to close so he just kept blowing air from his cheeks until we were able to get him to say "Amen." Then he leaped from the podium and walked with a confident kick in step back to his seat. He turned around and looked at us and gave us a thumbs up and nodded his head in a way that said, "I'm the man!" 
I love that kid.

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