Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Christmas that Keeps Giving

On our way home from visiting family, I told John I was so excited to get home, take down Christmas, and deep clean.  However, this morning as I walked in the living room to make a Christmas decor demolition plan: I looked at our tree with William's lollipop ornament (covered with teeth marks) and the other memorabilia of our life the last eight years and beyond. I got a warm-all-over feeling that calmed my over-zealous determination and just made me feel a calm content. That tree made me happy. And clearly, it made the kids happy. And when I told John I was postponing its removal, he was happy too.  I know, this isn't that big of a deal, but I mostly wanted to remember how good it felt to live in this moment. Today was spent playing with Christmas gifts that were left behind while we vacationed. I blasted Christmas music while I cooked ham and corn chowder from left overs, and I just about died as I heard Johnny singing "mele kalikimaka" under his breath while he colored at the kitchen table. The kids watched Santa Claus 2 while they dug through their stocking treats. My lunch was accompanied by peppermint hot cocoa and while the kids napped I watched While You Were Sleeping instead of cleaning the house and unpacking bags. I can only watch that movie this time of year- weird, I know. Christmas was five days ago, but it still felt very much present today at our house, and I liked it.  I like where I am at right now.  With such limited space it will be nice to take down the Christmas decor eventually, but I'm glad I'm letting the love and joy I feel this time year linger a couple more days, because as depressing as it is- this Christmas will never happen again. That said, I want to make sure I cherish William lining up his newly multiplied car collection, or Caity setting up her American Girl dolls to play Frozen Chutes and Ladders, or Johnny color code his 96 crayons with help from his transformer and Leonardo Ninja Turtle piggy bank. I want to kiss those sweet baby cheeks and read a few more Christmas stories before they are packed away. And perhaps kiss that husband of mine under the mistle toe, or at least make peppermint shakes together!
Merry (Late) Christmas.
This boy was particularly happy today!

Santa always brings gummy life savers for our stockings.

We got a package of sunshine from the McFarlenes (our old neighbors) it was the cutes package later and we had a blast opening it today!
(William's face.)
NeeNee making sugar cookies with the kids on Sunday

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