Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When Caity Played Mary

Again, another lousy picture brought to you by me. Caity was Mary in our church Nativity pageant. She was thrilled. She had her part memorized within about five minutes of receiving the script. She made sure to remind me every day for two weeks that we needed to have a costume ready. She told everyone at church that although most of the primary children were angels, she was going to be Mary, the most important girl of Christmas. She had her brothers re-enact the nativity at home (Matthew was Jesus, Johnny was Joseph and William was the angel/shepherd/dinosaur.) She was excited, to say the least.
Caity walked with an air of elegance from the time we picked her up from school until the time we left for our church party. 
She told Johnny he could be angel Gabriel to make him feel like he was important too. 
As they all filed onto the stage and a beaming Johnny smiled and waved while Caity stood serene and contemplative, smiling up at Joseph while he gave his lines...I couldn't help but get emotional... Because that's what I do now a days. 
I just love those kids. I love Christmas. I love that God sent Christ to redeem us, and all over the world there are similar pageants happening. 
We didn't make a big deal of Caity's role as Mary, because heaven knows her head wouldn't have fit through our front door and we would've been late. :)
But...later that night when the boys were asleep, I sat on Caity's floor and we read scriptures about Mary together and I was able to bear my testimony of Mary's role in Christ's birth and what a magnificent and wonderful woman she was and how Mary was one of my heroes and I hope Caity can have Mary's same faith throughout her own life.  
It was a special moment for me and one of my favorite experiences as a mother to date. 
I am so grateful to have that daughter of mine.

The only way to keep William quiet during the little performance was to take selfies together, haha- he must be a Partridge! :)

He also kept busy giving thumbs up to his new-found friend.

Johnny and Matthew...yes, Matthew is wearing camo santa jammies- that is just how we roll sometimes.


Ellen said...

Oh I just love this (but no surprise there). I'm glad you were able to have such a sweet moment with that Caity-girl. You and John are such a dashing couple (does that sound creepy?......I just like your selfies with the kiddos). Life is good :)

Adrianne Jensen said...

You are beautiful inside and out!

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