Friday, January 22, 2016

Johnny turns FIVE!

Five. Johnny-five as he is often called, is actually five years old. I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday, he was a two week old kickin' it with me in at five in the morning while I studied. Even as a baby he had that eager twinkle in his eye and his personality has been a delight to watch as it has blossomed into this sweet, fun, energetic, imaginative young boy! 
Oh, am I glad I get to be in his life! We had a great time celebrating that boy. He decided to celebrate his birthday the day after so that I could be home all day (on his birthday I had school), I must admit- I was flattered, haha. Johnny is such a mama's boy and I really do love it. 

Well, as you are well aware: this little boy of mine is obsessed with bats, soooo what other theme could possibly be suitable?? 

Here is my attempt at trying to be creative with his cake...those pretzels and oreos are supposed to be bats, and you can't tell but the sprinkles are also bats!

This one is less blurry...

I had fun decorating his table!

I also loved how these bat balloons turned out!

The day before I went to the dye-cutter on campus and cut out 130 bats. Johnny woke up on his big day and was so freaked out by all of them he would just close his eyes every time he went into the kitchen, haha.
For breakfast we had waffles AND pancakes, per Johnny's request, I had the pancake be the body adn the waffles be the wings, it turned out cute.

For snacks, I made bat pudding cups and cut out bat shapes from chocolate poptarts, then I through some veggies on there so I wouldn't feel so guilty. (The veggies ended up on the floor) (We need a dog or something.)

For games, we played pin the fangs on the bat and "Don't Eat Pete!" (a bat version I tried to make look all cute, but really just didn't look cute at all, haha)

More pictures of the kitchen...

He was SO excited for his transformer!

So was William...
This is probably a good place to mention that for Johnny's birthdays, we are required to wear our pajamas for the party. Ever since his third birthday. Like literally- as soon as Dad walked through the door, "Dad! Go get your pajamas on! It's my birthday!" Knowing this was a rule, I got Johnny Batman footie pajamas, he loves does William...

I should also mention John got his first paycheck this day! Yay! 

Matthew enjoyed the excitement of everything

I think John likes Johnny birthdays the most because the toys are so much fun.

Rebecca adn Tyler came over for the party!

They get married in April...don't they look good with kids? (#morecousinsplease)
They (and Melissa) got him nerf guns, Johnny and Melissa played non-stop through out the night, he loved them!

Singing "Happy Birthday."

The next day, Johnny had a good time introducing his new toys to his old ones. 
Well, that is basically it.
Birthdays are an awesome tradition, it is so nice to pause and focus in that one important person for a day, and Johnny is such a special person in my life. 
He's my jokester, my cuddler, my rockstar big brother, my good-morning-hug giver, my daring adventurer, my eager learner, my puzzle boy, my clean-under-the-bed boy and just my all around I'm lucky to have him boy....Happy Birthday Johnny-Five!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Getting Baby to Laugh

William has transitioned quite well into big brotherhood. I think one of my favorite things is when I catch each of my kids looking adoringly at "our" Matthew. It is just so sweet. I also love watching William try to entertain his baby brother.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Just little stuff

Things on my mind today:
  • Snow. Gosh it's pretty. I have always had hard feelings towards January. Those have especially peaked upon moving back to Rexburg- there have been a few days where the high was three degrees people! Man, it's cold. Not to mention, there aren't any festive holidays in the month of January and that is just a terribly sad thing in my book. That said: I am trying! So, every day I look out my window and think, "Goodness look how pretty the snow is. I'm going to miss this view this summer. No I won't. Stop contradicting yourself and pretend so you appreciate it more now." Then I start listing all the great things about the middle of winter: "Hot cocoa..." Sometimes I will walk through the park so I can feel the quietness of the snow, it is so peaceful. But then my toes freeze, and the moment is over. BUT, Today we had the really pretty big flakes that have intricate designs when they land on you kind of snow. It was magical. Still iffy about the month of January, still have a bit of the winter blues, but goodness- that was pretty snow today.
  • I washed my car. It is looks brand new! Not really, it really just looks white now instead of brown. I am sure it will last for at least a day with the slushie roads.  We have the coolest car wash with the weirdest sponges and brushes that come at you like they are going to gobble the car up. Johnny and I had a lot of fun with that. William:not so much.
  • When I was pregnant with William I got my first gray hairs and I swear I get new one every morning that boy wakes up. He keeps me on my toes!  Today he was pretty sweet. As I was doing homework, he sat on my lap and said, "No, day wit mamo." (No, stay with mommy.) He melts my heart. Especially when his face is clean. And his arm stays in his shirt.
  • Caity didn't go to her after school program today and it was so nice! I was on the giddy side around 1:30pm knowing I would see her in an hour and it really was the highlight of my day knowing she would have the entire afternoon with us. I just love that girl. I also love that she wanted to be home because she missed us, we missed her too!  Her and Johnny walked the long way through the field in front of her school so they could walk in the snow, and I met them on the other side. Oh to be a kid again. The were so cute stumbling through the snow drifts. 
  • I burned the roast in the crockpot- is that even possible? Apparently so.
  • I don't know that I can last to the BAR exam this February. I miss John. The days are long, but really not until five o clock. After five, I guess I feel entitled to his time, and feel like he should be home and I just miss him even more. Do I sound selfish or what? Not to mention I have no idea what happens to my children after five- but they transform into something a leeettle scary. I don't know how he does it, but I am so impressed with how hard he is working.
  • You guys. I graduate in THREE MONTHS. Oh, goodness. I hope I can make it!
In other news, the kids' toys united in a battle against William's Elmo.
Elmo won.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Things Johnny Says

Johnny-isms from this week that made me smile:
Me: Johnny, you're cool.
Johnny: Thanks, but not as cool as a ninja.

Johnny: When I'm a dad, I'm going to say yes to everything- that's gonna make me the best dad ever, right? Except no running away. That's my only rule.
Me: What if your kids get sick from too much candy?
Johnny: hmmm, so yeah- I'll say yes to one piece of candy a day and if they ask again, I'll just walk away so I won't say no. Yeah so no running away, and no candy all day......oh! and no biting! But they come jump on my bed all they want and watch shows all day. I'm going to be the best dad.

The other night I was up doing homework and he came in around 10:30 pm with blood shot eyes and sat staring at me.
Me: Johnny, it's still night time, you need to go back to bed, buddy.
Johnny: Then when am I supposed to find bugs to eat? Bats hunt at night.
Then he fell asleep on the couch.

An Interview:

What is your name?
Johnny. Calhoun. FIVE. Not three or four, that's dad and grandpa.  And two is GREAT grandpa in Dember (Denver) and one is dead. But I meant him when I was a cute little baby.
How old are you?
Four. (Holds out four fingers.) and a half, but I don't have a finger for that.
What color is your hair?
What color are your eyes?
What is your favorite food?
ice-cream. HAHAHAHA.
Like, Popcorn with peanut butter, and hmmmm, no nothing. 
(sometimes I drizzle melted butter over popcorn, maybe this was what he was talking about?)
What is your favorite song?
Glory to the Newborn King
What is your favorite treat?
So mom, those snowflake things? Oh yeah, rice crispy treats.
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite animal?
police dog
What is your favorite book?
hhhmmm, I'm trying to think, cause I like every book. Are you going to ask my favorite movie? OK...hmmmm, I already told you, ummm...every book...but the one I'm going to say is the Jesus book, um, I'll show you. (runs to room) I can't find it. OK, forget the Jesus, Spiderman. And the one I got from Grandpa Brassell with lots of super heroes? And Caity's chapter books like Inside Out.
What is your favorite store?
Toys R Us. WalMart, cause it gots toys and its fun. The other one is Old McDonalds.
What do you like to do with Daddy?
Play with him. So like, in the morning when he's like throwing us on the bed? That's my favorite thing to do with him.
What do you like to do with Mommy?
Cuddle with her. 
What is your favorite movie?
The Cat in the Hat. Inisde Out. Scooby Dooby Doo and that will be all.
What is your favorite TV show?
Watching police dogs on youtube with my Dad.
Who are your friends?
All of the kids at church, and like, there was a kid at the park that we are friends too. And the other one he's like four and he's really fun. And we're friends.
What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Play. Play football. So like, that game where you kick with your feet. Yeah, soccer- like at Boise, when we were playing soccer, Caity and me?
What is your favorite thing to play inside?
Dinosaurs, cars and superheroes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I can't believe Matthew is one week short of 6 months. SIX MONTHS OLD? Where did the time go? I realized this morning I don't take as much time as I would like to focus solely on that baby of mine so here are some little things about Matthew:

  • He is starting to sit up
  • He loses his mind every time we are eating dinner. As soon as a bit gets in is proximity he is like the whomping willow from Harry Potter trying to grab that food and put it in his mouth.
  • He clings to every toy that is in range, he gets all excited and jerky when he sees you bring one to him.  I feel like he likes rattles more than any of my other kids. His motor skills seems to be developing better. (Maybe because Caity works with him?)
  • He still loves his swing, especially when Caity is home. He will just swing back and forth watching her flit around her room. 
  • Whenever anyone enters the room he gets so excited. He recognizes voices and when he hears one of us after not hearing us for a while he gets the cutest smile and just stares. Yesterday it was at William and it was so cute. I told William to say "Hi baby!" and when he did, Matthew started kicking his legs and laughing.
  • He loves squash, but not carrots so far.
  • His clothing size ranges from 6 month to 18 months. I trust 9 month and 12 month sizes the most though.
  • He still cuddles sometimes, but the mood has to be right.
  • He is exteremely ticklish and is the easiest baby to get laughing.
  • Caity swears he says "dada" but I'm just assuming he is mis pronouncing "Mama is awesome."
  • He does not like being alone. He will sit content so long as he is in the same room as everyone and part of the action. The moment you are out of eye sight he will wimper, but light up as soon as he sees you again.
  • He likes the cold and if he is in distress, he will calm immediately upon entering our negative degree temperature outside.
  • He loves baths, particularly kicking in the bath. As soon as I start undressing him, he will get so excited, grab his toes and laugh with a crazy excited look in his eyes.
I love that Mattie-boy

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Three Boys and a Mom

With John starting work on Monday and Caity starting back at school, I am the mom exclusively of three boys for seven hours a day. It is strange how much it affects the dynamics of my daily life. Yesterday it was punching and transformers, today it was throwing snowballs and jumping head first into the snowbanks on campus while I was running errands. While I was trying to find books for class, William and Johnny found a Superman comic book that they read on their bellies with thier snow boots in the air saying "Oh cool, look William!" or "O coo! Wook Nonny!" (William kind of reminds me of the little brother off of Sandlot that copies everything his brother says.)  I feel like as I walk with them, they just ricochet off me in every direction, they come back and bounce off me again. Johnny always holds the door open for everyone and William always insists on opening the door himself, and Matthew who seriously weighs a ton these days- is lugged around by me. The favorite show is Ninja Turtles and the favorite book is Spiderman Adventures. Opposed to Caity, the boys don't get in baths so they can get clean and cuddly after. They get in baths so they splash and dunk and soak my bath rug in addition to three towels. I love watching Johnny run down the hall, and Will toddle/run right after him mimicking his big brother in every action.  I also am so impressed at how good those older boys are with their little brother. Being a mom to three boys for a few hours a day has been a blast.

Monday, January 4, 2016


Today Johnny and William would take turns grabbing Matthew's fist and saying "You gonna hit me!?" of "Ooo gon it meh?" They would make his fist hit them and they would say: "Punch! Owwww!" and fall to the ground.
They would fall in the weirdest formations and laugh like it was the funniest joke.

The pictures are ultra blurry, but you get the idea- haha.
It was great fun until William decided to punch back! 
Baby wasn't having so much fun then.
Then Johnny and William had punching battles they do this all the time and they punch like they are jousting and someone always ends up in tears.
I love the way William talks when he is in a punching mood,
 "I punch choo!" "I punch baaaguy!" (bad guy, obvs)
Boys are too much fun.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas 2015

I keep trying to figure out what to write about Christmas this year. When I think about the last couple weeks I just get a real speedy reel of memories flashing through my mind and none stay long enough for me to get a hold on them individually, but they combine to make a really happy and content climate in my soul.  The kind of happy that reaches so deep I get all shaky and excited that this is really my life!  I am so grateful.
My dad always said that if you don't write it down, it never happened, so I am going to do my best to write down the moments as they come to my mind, so bear with me!
Decorating the house and the kids mad frenzy trying to help
Kids singing Christmas songs in the back of the van.
Caity making Christmas cards
Kids waking up to look for Sammy (our elf)
Watching Christmas movies and doing puzzles
Family Home Evenings about Christ's birth
Special time every night and how excited the kids were to open another chocolate box
Meeting Santa
The kids play-acting the nativity
Going to the Idaho Falls visitors center and watching movies about Christ's birth
Making treats and taking them to friends
Block towers in front of the Christmas tree
Finding the tree in the woods and the kids marching through the snow.
Waiting in line forever in the cold to see Santa
Making hot chocolate and the kids saving their candycanes so they could melt them in their cocoa
Getting Pizza and watching Santa Clause 2
Our ward Christmas party- the kids were so excited to be a part of the children's nativity.
Visiting our good friend, Melvin in Newdale.
Making Christmas Eve dinner with "helpers" (everyone needs a turn stirring the pot. except William. he needs two apparently.)
Caity coming home with Christmas crafts from school
Reading Christmas stories
Watching Elmo Saves Christmas waaaay to many times.
Watching Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2 enough times to have most of the movie memorized.
Johnny telling way to many people "Merry Christmas you filthy animal." (Then saying sorry and that he was kidding)
Johnny finding elmo slippers at DI for William for Christmas.
My brother Matt getting Santa letters from my kids then playing "secret santa" and getting them things on their lists.
Matt then going all the way to the North Pole to deliver the letters and get replies for the kids- their faces were priceless.
Riding the horse drawn carriage.
Going to the Festival of Lights in Idaho Falls.
Visiting my parents and going to Temple Square and William's face when he saw the Cristus statue.
John taking the kids to the merry-go-round at Porter Park
The Ogden family Christmas party and kids' faces when Santa showed up.
Caity's face with she saw Kirsten (my old American Girl doll) by the Christmas tree Christmas morning.
Johnny riding his bike down the hall
William's face when he realized how many cars he got from Uncle Matt.
Driving to John's parents for Christmas Dinner and Spencer's birthday,
Kids waking up at four in the morning on Christmas because, hello- it's Christmas.
THE SNOW, it was so magical.
Realizing the John wasn't going to watch It's a Wonderful Life with me, but the kids all said they would- and they did!
Making snowflakes all together.
Loving on those sweet nieces and nephews and seeing my kids spend time with them.
Caity memorizing the scripture story in Luke 2.

OK, I'm not offended that you probably just skimmed that list- but that's what I mean- how do I even summarize all that- not to mention all the wonderful ordinary moments in between...there is no way other than to say- I am so grateful. What a wonderful time of year and really, what a wonderful life it is year round.
This year had some hard moments, yet through Christ the moments have led to growth in faith and a deeper understanding of what is most important.  He makes our burdens light, our weaknesses strong, and turns pain into joy. I don't know how it works- but I know it does. A Savior was born and he lived for us, died for us, and lived again that we may find joy and peace. I know He lives. I know Christ is my Savior.

Now what pictures I can accumulate from this last December (excuse the mis-order):
John took the kids to Porter Park to ride the carousel and meet Santa

John played his brothers for "The Hat" this must have been a picture he took right before John's dad beat him! :)

Winter walks with good friends

William at the Salt Lake City Visitors Center

Brittany making sugar cookies with the kids- note William's lack of a shirt.

Waiting in line with Shaylee and Kevin for Cabelas. It was coooold.

Caity at the carousel

Kids at carousel

John using the axe he got for Graduation to cut down our tree

My baking helper

Meanwhile, in Cate's room....

Excited to find a tree

Staying behind waiting for the big kids adn dad to get back with the tree

Caity on the horse carriage

Waiting in line for Santa

SO worth the wait- haha, William was not having it! But the rest of the kids were excited!

Real camels for the live nativity!

Now...Some creeper pictures of my kids sleeping, because- oh because I just love sleeping children!

Stockings hung with care

Home Alone, please!

William's obsession with Selfies
And a couple more of William Bradley in his Christmas Sunday outfit:

And some of Johnny Calhoun V:

And some pictures of my darling Cate Elizabeth:

And my sweet baby, Matthew Hinckley

puzzle time!

Watching the LDS Christmas Devotional.

Johnny pretending to be Santa. As William would say, "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Mitmas!"

Playing "North Pole"

Their reactions when I said, "You excited for church!?" William hates nursery.


Johnny and Me on our way home from taking Caity to school.

My parents and Matthew

Noah, Caity, Miles, Johnny and William all tied together like reindeer.

Aunt Becky with the kids

At Temple Square.

Real Reindeer at Thanksgiving Pointe.

Johnny talking nonstop to Santa.

Caity asking William if he is excited.




Willliam...still not loving the Santa idea

And you thought your elf was creepy.

Santa waffles!

Christmas Eve before Santa came.

Christmas Morning

Matthew and Grandpa

All the July babies together for the first time!

And finally, that's a's to a new year!

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